Night Sky

Slice of Life: Day 22

Tonight I felt bad that the dog had to wait longer than usual.  Any other night I would just let her out the front door to quick do her thing and come right back in, but tonight I thought this would be the night something would happen.  All I needed was for her to run off to investigate some wild animal lurking in the shadows and I did not want to have to deal with that.  Not tonight.  So I put the leash on her and went outside.  Any other night I would just stand at the front door whisper yelling at her to hurry up, stop smelling and get back inside, but tonight I felt bad so I walked outside with her.

The air was cool and crisp, but not cold.  The night was dark and quiet.  I tiptoed along the brick walkway the cold prickling my feet with each step.  I stopped at the driveway as she walked into the grass.  I could hear the ground crunch beneath her feet as she went searching for the perfect spot.  We live on a cul-de-sac and I love the lone street light that shines its light.  It is old fashioned looking and the tune of “I’m singing in the rain” always fills my head as I picture someone jumping up and twirling around the lamppost in the rain.  My gaze follows the light up to the grinning Cheshire cat in the sky.  I love this phase of the moon.  Just enough to see and just enough to make me relive scenes from Alice in Wonderland.  The sky is speckled with stars.  So many stars.  I love trying to pick out the stars from the airplanes.  I wonder if I’ll ever see a shooting star.  There is something so magical about the night sky.  So mysterious and grand.  I take a deep breath in.  The air smells so clean and crisp.  Winter is on its way out and spring is coming in.  I feel the tug on the leash and we quickly prance back in to the warmth of the house grateful to have taken the time to go out and enjoy the night sky.

Mountains of Laundry

Slice of Life: Day 21

     The laundry is out of control at the moment.  We had such a busy weekend that the laundry just kept getting pushed and now here it is Tuesday night and it is everywhere.  It is to the point where the clean and the dirty and commingling and creating their own piles that will soon be unrecognizable.
     I had an “oh crap moment” late Sunday night as I was packing my son’s backpack.  No blanket.  Where’s the blanket?  Ugh, it went down the laundry shoot Friday night where it now sits in his basket in the basement.  Luke’s stuff washed Sunday night, dried Monday morning and the basket now sits downstairs waiting to be folded… it’s now Tuesday.
     I had a late night yesterday, but my daughter’s hamper was overflowing and needed to be washed.  It was taunting me.  Where do all the burp cloths go? Olivia’s stuff washed Monday night, dried Tuesday morning and the basket now sits downstairs, next to her brothers, waiting to be folded… hopefully tonight.
     Now there’s our hamper.  I don’t know where to begin.  It has taken on a life of its own.  Dirty clothes on the inside and clean clothes from the week sitting on top keeping the inner contents contained.  I should tackle this tonight, but my energy and motivation are fleeting.  If I keep this pace maybe I’ll conquer the mountains before the weekend just in time to start all over again.
     I don’t know how it accumulates so quickly.  4 people and only 1 laundress… something does not seem right about this.  It’s no wonder I can’t keep up.  Here’s hoping to at least get another load started tonight.


Slice of Life: Day 20

On nights when I have to stay late at school for a meeting or an evening event I play the waiting game… I wait for my phone to vibrate giving me the notification that my kids have been picked up for the night.  I usually pick them up between 4:30 and 4:45.  5:00 the very latest.  It’s half the planner in me and half the mommy guilt that sets in knowing my kids have been at daycare all day.  There is always work to be done and piles to go through, but that’s what a teacher’s bag is for.  To fill up and bring home every night in hopes for it all to be completed before the next day.  So I try to leave the same time every day to pick up my kids.

My husband, however, does not have this same outlook… he more plans on knowing he has to be to daycare before they close at 6:00, which drives me crazy!  He does not have a teacher bag to fill and he most certainly does not leave at the same time every day.

So here it is 5:44 and I am waiting…

Waiting for the buzz…

Just waiting…

I always wonder, what do my kids think while they are waiting?  Even worse, what do the teachers think?  I know I have to let it go.  This one is beyond my control.  There is no point to bring it up.

But tomorrow, tomorrow, I will be picking my kids up!  I will leave at the same time, I will fill up my teacher bag and walk out the door knowing I will pick up my kids at the same time.  Maybe even early!  No waiting.

But tonight, I am waiting…


Enjoy Longer

Slice of Life: Day 19

     Today was the first nice day we have had in awhile and because of that we were sure to get outside.  My son wanted to golf and practice his running in the front yard with his dad.  I had finally gotten my hubby to put together a new stroller that has been sitting in our front room since November!  Now was my chance to take it for a spin.  As my son would say, “Boys with the boys and girls with the girls.”  My daughter and I took off toward the park.  The sky was the prettiest blue void of clouds.  The air smelled of spring.  We walked past the park and then turned back home towards the boys.  I have missed this walk over the wintry months.
     When we returned home there Luke was swinging his club and then running after his ball to do it all over again.  I stood in the driveway pushing the stroller back and forth adjusting the canopy to shield my daughter from the sun as I longing soaked it in.  I love when we catch these glimpses of spring.  We stay outside longer.  We play longer.  We just enjoy longer.  Today was one of those days to just enjoy and enjoy we did!

An Afternoon with Mom

Slice of Life: Day 18

     Today I spent the afternoon with my mom to celebrate her birthday.  We never get to spend time together just us without the kids.  So this was special.  What made it even more special was we got to go out and attend a play.  Something we love to do and have seen countless over the years, but I couldn’t tell you the last one we saw.  We drove together and caught up with one another on the way there even though we talk everyday multiple times during the day.  It’s different in person.  There’s always more to say, share and laugh about.  We parked and had to walk a few blocks.  The air was crisp and smelled of spring.  The path along the river was quiet.  We walked arm in arm listening to the rushing water cascading down the dam.  It was a beautiful sight on this sunny day.  Something to be enjoyed with someone special.  We stopped for a few moments and just listened and watched together.
     During the play, despite not being able to talk, it was so nice to have my mom by side enjoying something we love together.  It made me think of what it would be like to include my daughter in these outings when she gets older and what special things just the two of us will share.  I can only hope I have the same relationship with my daughter as I do with my mom because it is one I cherish and would be lost without.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful day just me and my mom!

1 Teaspoon

Slice of Life: Day 17

My son, and husband, have been asking me to make chocolate chip cookies for awhile now and today I knew I would have time.  I had a late start at school so I was able to go to the store and get a big bag of chocolate chips and vanilla.  Two essentials for our cookie recipe.  I took the butter out of the fridge and looked forward to returning home with my son and baking.

     Luke loves helping to bake.  He is my scooper and scraper.  He plunged the measuring cup into the flour as a plume of flour poofed out.   I hold the cup as he takes the kitchen knife to level off the flour.  He loves this part as flour gets pushed with reckless abandonment onto the counter.  Our back and forth continues.  Scoop, level.  Scoop, level.  Olivia looks on with giggles enjoying being in on the action.  We get to the end of the ingredient list.  Baking soda.  Baking soda.  Where’s the baking soda?  Then it hits me.  It’s sitting on my counter at school!  Ugh.  It’s sitting on the counter waiting to make a final batch of slime!  Curse you slime!  1 teaspoon.  1 teaspoon is all I need.  So minor, it seems so insignificant, but so essential to baking these cookies!
     “What’s wrong Mommy?”
     “Nothing.  We’re going to stop and finish after dinner.  Good job helping, buddy!”
     He jumps down and scampers off none the wiser.  Quick.  I send an emergency text to my neighbor in search of 1 measly teaspoon!  She responds she’ll be right over.  Hallelujah.  Crisis averted.  Now, getting my neighbor to come over in the cold when it’s still technically winter is no easy feat.  She hibernates during the winter and doesn’t come out until spring.  But for us, correction, for my son who she calls her first grandchild, she’d do anything including coming out of hibernation early to brave the cold for 1 teaspoon of baking soda.  Once again, our beloved neighbors save the day!  I thank her for the lifeline and curse the slime one last time.
     I go back inside, “Barb brought us baking soda!”
     To which he replies, “Yeah!”
     I couldn’t be more grateful for that 1 teaspoon and neighbor and the cookies that can now be enjoyed tonight!

Waking Up

Slice of Life: Day 16

I hate having to wake up my baby, but sometimes it is a necessity.  In the morning, I wait until the last minute to wake her up, but when it gets to be that time I just can’t wait any longer.  My mornings are always so rushed that when I wake her up it is as if time slows and I can just enjoy being with her.  I walk over to the Pack ‘n Play and turn off the noise machine that has transformed my bedroom into a beach.  The waves crashing down on the shore, being pulled back into the depths of the ocean, again and again, over and over.  There she is so peaceful.  Slow breaths in and out the faint smell of milk on her breath.

I whisper, “Olivia,” I slide my hands under her, “good morning.”

She arches her back, scrunches up her face and gives a big stretch.   Hands clenched she reaches over her head and momentarily pauses as if to decide, should I cry because you woke me or just snuggle back in to the warmth of your arms.  I pull her close to me and nuzzle my face next to hers taking in her baby smell hoping for the later.  Most days she nestles in to my chest as a carry her wrapped in my arms to her room.  I place her down where she arches her back and stretches again.  Eyes sealed tight.  Hands clenched.  I put my face close to hers.

“Olivia.  Olivia.  It’s time to wake up.”

Finally, one eye then the other.  Blink, blink.  Blink, blink.  And then, there’s the moment where the world comes in to focus and she looks up and a smile washes over her face as if to say, “Momma.”  Nothing makes my rushed mornings more enjoyable!