Playing with Friends

Slice of Life: Day 31

Today my son got to meet up with his “new” friend again.  Ever since we went to Mom and Son Night together both boys have been asking to get together and play again.  Today was that day.  We went to a craft workshop at Michael’s.  Luke loves arts and crafts.  Coloring, cutting, gluing, decorating, creating.  He is all about it.  Today was no different and today they were making a birdhouse!  I love watching Luke’s intensity and creativity.  Color after color he shaded in the popsicle sticks.  Blue.  Orange.  Grey.  Orange again.  Green.  Purple.  As they colored, they talked…

“What’s your favorite color?”

“Do you have a bike?”

“I like Spider Man.”

“I like Spider Man too.”

I love being able to hear these conversations.  I love watching my son engage with his friend.  Talking about likes and dislikes.  Asking questions and telling stories.  It makes my heart melt knowing my son will forge friendships and has the tools to do so.  It makes me so happy.

With popsicle sticks colored then came the assembly with glue!  I offered my help, but Luke didn’t need it.  He carefully laid a line of glue and placed it a top the others.  His masterpiece finally coming together.  Repeat for the top.  Next the roof.  His favorite color chosen.  Green.  He stops to check out what color his friend chose.  Green too.  Go figure.  Roof glued on.  Birdhouse complete!

“Look at mine!”

“Look what I did!”

“I made a door for mine!”

Two friends enjoying time together and learning about one another!  There is nothing more enjoyable and sweeter to be a part of.


So Tired

Slice of Life: Day 30

     My daughter comes home so tired from daycare.  She just wants the comfort of her mom and to drift off to sleep.  I know she just watches and plays and interacts all day.  Very little downtime.  A friend is always crossing her path with something new.  A new sound.  A new song.  A new something.  Just listening and taking it all in.  Wide eyed, smiling and cooing.  She is learning and experiencing so much everyday.  I would be tired too!
     Home is where she knows she can stop.  Relax.  Sleep.  I hold her close.  We rock.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  I sing.
     You are my sunshine.  My only sunshine…
     The eye rubbing starts.  The squirming to find just the right spot.  I hold her close and tight.
     You make me happy when skies are gray…
     She slowly relaxes and the full weight of her collapses in my arms.  Finally asleep.
     You’ll never know dear how much I love you…
     Finally able to rest.
     Please don’t take my sunshine away.


Slice of Life: Day 29

     Last night my son had an exorcist moment after complaining of his tummy hurting all afternoon.  Needless to say, he felt much better afterwards.  After all was cleaned up, tears dried and emotions calmed, he climbed in to bed with me.  He just needed his momma.  Curled up in a ball, head in my lap I just stroked his hair and rubbed his back.  During this sweet moment of ours I sent my husband downstairs for a bowl lined with a bag in case round two arose in the middle of the night and Lysol spray to disinfect whatever may remain.
     “I feel much better, Mommy, but I just want to go to bed.”
     “I know buddy.  Daddy should be right up.”
     Should is the key word.  He should be right up, but what is taking so long?  Does he not know what bowl I mean?  Do we not have any bags?  Did I put the Lysol spray in the basement and not under the sink?  Waiting… waiting… waiting… Here I wait.  Stewing.  I can’t yell down to him because I’ll startle and wake the baby, so here we wait.  A good ten minutes go by before I hear the click of the gate.
     “What took you so long?”
     “What do you mean?”
     “You were gone for awhile.”
     “Ha. You’re gonna laugh.”
     I think to myself, “Doubtful, very doubtful.”
     “I found Monopoly pieces in the bag so I was opening them all up to see what they were.”
     I just stare at him.  I have no words and definitely not laughter.  Only the thoughts in my head, “What made you think now would be a good time?”
     “Dad, I want to go to bed.”
     “Yes, please, go put your son to bed,” I think to myself as I just smile at the two of them because I still have no words.
     Needless to say, we did not hit it big with the Monopoly pieces!

Play Room

Slice of Life: Day 28

     Olivia was propped up on the beanbag taking it all in.  She loves to watch her big brother.  Today was no exception.  We were up in the play room.  We turned on Disney sing alongs, which I think I more enjoy than him, but he thinks they sound pretty and are goofy.  I suggested playing with blocks, so on command the mega blocks bag got dumped.  The clinking and crashing of colorful pieces were now strewn in a heap on the floor.  I could tell he had a plan and he got straight to building.  My help was not wanted.  I decided to hang his art work on the wall, while he built.  Something I have been meaning to do for awhile.  Olivia watched.  Luke built.  I hung.  Luke was curious about what I was doing and stopped every so often to offer his advice and ask questions.
     “What are you doing?”
     “Can I have that?”
     “Where did you get that?”
     “Hang this one.”
     “Use this clip.”
     As I created, so did he adding twine and clothespins to his building, which was actually a carwash!  We both stood and admired each other’s work.  I love the creativity his play room inspires!

Colored Eggs

Slice of Life: Day 27

     We couldn’t wait any longer!  Luke eagerly sat on his knees on our high top chair leaning over the cups.  Yellow.  Blue.  Green.  Pink.  Orange.
     “The tabs go in first.”
     I displayed the colored tabs in the palm of my hand as my son took one at time careful to match each colored tab to the correct cup.  Next the vinegar.
     “I’ll tell you when to stop, Mom.”
     “Watch as I pour it in.”
     “Wow! Bubbles!”
     We peered in to the cups and watched each tab dance, jiggle and shake as bubble after bubble spewed to the top.  Next the water.
     “I’ll do it Mom.”
     “How about we do it together?”
     “That’s a good idea.”
     We filled the cups with water making sure to stop at the line.  I boiled the eggs earlier in the day so we’d be ready to drop them in.  Luke was ready to launch an egg in to the cup when I offered up a spoon to gently guide the egg in.  I was hoping to avoid a colored counter top and fingertips!  With each egg a new color chosen.  Now to wait.  One of the hardest things to do.
     “We have to wait 5 minutes buddy.”
     “Aww. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Done!”
     “Good counting, but that’s only 5 seconds not 5 minutes.”
     So wait he did. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting
     But the waiting paid off because what was revealed were brilliantly vibrant pastel colored eggs.  Luke was amazed and loved having the boring white eggs now be beautifully colored.  I love how something so simple can become so magical and entertaining.  Needless to say, he is looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!

Good Morning

Slice of Life: Day 26

This morning no alarm was set.  I did not have to slip out of the bedroom trying not to wake the baby and my husband or have my son wake to the sound of our door opening and the gate shutting as I started my morning.  Today I didn’t have to rush before the kids needed to be up.  Today I woke to the sound of Luke calling my name.  I walked to his room and sat on his bed as he put his head in my lap to cuddle with me.  We talked about how he slept and what his day would bring.  It was so nice not to be rushed.  We picked out his favorite superhero shirt for the day and grey comfy pants.  Today would be a comfy day.  We went back into my room to where it was still dark and quiet.  To a room that was not rushed and not ready to start the day.  Olivia was smiling, cooing and squirming ready to start her day.  Again, not rushed, not having to be woken up, just ready to start her day on her own.  I scooped her up, pulled her close and we got back in to bed.  The three of us cozied up together.  Not quite ready to start our day and not needing to.  I in the middle, Olivia in my arms, Luke pulled close with my arm around him.  There is no better start to the day when we are not rushed and have no where to be right now.  It was a good morning!

Weekend Mornings

Slice of Life: Day 25

     Our mornings on the weekend usually start pretty slow.  Even though it’s the weekend there is no sleeping in.  I change my son’s clock from a 6:15 to a 6:30 wake up on the weekends, but he is usually up by 6.  It takes some persuasion to get him to stay in bed longer and when it’s that early I’m not that convincing.  So, like any other weekend I heard my wake up.
     “Moooom.  Mommmy.  Moom?  Mom!”
     My name goes from sweetly being sung to becoming louder and more demanding.
     “What’s up buddy?”
     “I’m ready to get up!”
     “Ok.  It’s still early.  Do you want to come watch a video in bed?”
     When it’s after 6 already there’s no point trying to get him to go back to sleep and I never invite him to sleep in bed with me because he would always ask then!  But, cuddling in bed on the weekend is one of my favorite things.  We head back to my room with his blanket and favorite animal in tow.  I walk around to my side of the bed glancing in the crib to see the baby sound asleep.  At least she knows to sleep in on the weekend.  Luke climbs up into bed and nestles right in the middle.
     “Morning, Dad.  Hi, Molly”
     My husband barely moves as he is not a morning person on the weekend and the dog just rolls over making sure she doesn’t get kicked out of bed.
    “Which Mighty Machines?”
     “Hmmmm, this one!”
     I select the video, put my arm around him and pull the covers up over us as he rests his head on my chest.  I close my eyes and pull him close as he starts to sing about mighty machines.  I wouldn’t want my weekends to start any other way!