Finally Vaccinated

Slice of Life Day 31

My husband finally got his COVID vaccine today! Now all the adults in my immediate family are vaccinated. My husband was the last piece of the puzzle. He, however, did not put in the effort to schedule an appointment. I would scour Walgreens in the early morning looking for appointments to no avail. I had an appointment through the county, but lost it due to my husband’s indecisiveness. So, finally, I received another update with new appointments and I went for it. He would have to make time to go. Added bonus, it was the Johnson and Johnson vaccine so he would only have to go once and it was 5 minutes from our house! I am grateful that he is vaccinated as well as many of my immediate family. I am hopeful that this leads to a greater sense of normalcy. More than a year later I am needing it.

Recommended Books

Slice of Life Day 30

Before break, my students and I finished two books in a series that I was recommended by our LRC assistant. We were hooked! We waited everyday for our read aloud time to get lost in the character’s story. We loved the days we had a double read aloud day just because we had to know what was going to happen next! I would highly recommend Front Desk and Three Keys.

With having finished these two books I was in search of another recommendation and I knew she wouldn’t steer us wrong! This time we went for a spooky story that is set in Chicago and the main character is an artist. My 4th graders are big into scary, huge into art, and we just discussed a lot about Chicago with our Illinois unit. Win-win-win!

I started reading this book and I am hooked, again! It is chilling. It is suspenseful. I cannot put it down! It is the kind of scary that the author’s words gives me chills and goosebumps right along with the characters. I should be able to finish it tonight and the anticipation is killing me! Even without knowing the ending, I would highly recommend The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street. Hopefully the characters, and I, are able to survive the ending. Thanks for another great recommendation!

Different Ideas of Clean

Slice of Life Day 29

My husband and I have different ideas of clean.  When he clears the table after dinner, most dishes get put into the dishwasher, but one plate or pot remains in the sink even though there’s room in the dishwasher.  There’s always remnants from dinner left in the sink and on the counter.  I always appreciate his effort though and I just finish up to my standards once he’s moved on to something else.

Today we were set on cleaning up the basement from the remodel now that only touch ups remain.  There were piles of dry wall dust, left over pieces of wiring, and whatever else was missed from the workers clean up.  I started sweeping, dusting, wiping, moving things to get to hidden piles that were out of sight.  I knew if I wanted it done, my way, I needed to do it myself.  I felt accomplished that the layer of dust was gone, the floor was clean, and can once again be a safe and clean living space. 

My husband had some work boxes to move and said he would sweep by the door that lead to our newly remodeled side of the basement.  I crossed paths with him a few times while doing laundry and only quick glanced at his clean up.  As he went back upstairs, I went back down saying I was now going to mop.  Before I started mopping, I picked up the broom and made one more clean sweep of his spot.  Moving boxes, going under a cabinet, under a mat, behind the door.  Another big pile collected with construction remains with hubby none the wiser. I finished mopping and stood back to admire the clean basement.  I appreciate my hubby’s contributions and efforts and I know he appreciates my diligence in making his workout space clean and inviting! Win-win!

Sometimes you just need a nap

Slice of Life Day 28

I have given up on trying to get my daughter to nap on the weekend. She absolutely needs a nap, but she is strong willed and determined and if she doesn’t want to nap she isn’t going to nap. At first I was adamant that she must nap. I would read to her, tuck her in, and say good night. I would then have to go back to her room two, three, four times over the course of an hour for whatever excuse she could come up with to deter sleep. I finally gave up a few weeks after too much frustration and a waste of an hour. Now I just make her have quiet time. I read to her then sometimes she wants to read to her animals in bed. Sometimes she wants to read in her chair. Other times she wants to draw or play toys in the toy room. All are fine as long as they don’t need my supervision. Sometimes Momma just needs an hour to herself to do nothing or to get things done!

Last night we were up late, and the kids do not know what sleeping in means, so they were up early. We have had a busy start to the morning and she has been running, doing, and into everything. We finally went upstairs for quiet time.

“Momma, will you read to me?”

“Of course, climb on up.”

As we read the Wobbly Waitress, her new favorite, her head started to wobble, she nestled a little closer, and let out a big yawn…

“Momma, can we read in bed?”

“Sure, sweetie.”

Snuggled in, covered up, she nestled in to sleep! Somedays, I guess, you just need a nap… especially when not told by Mom.

Sweet dreams!

Possibility of Mice

Slice of Life Day 27

Spring is here, which means moving out the winter essentials to make way for the spring must haves. We have had workers at our house the last few weeks and they have had materials stored in our garage. However, their work is almost complete and the materials are gone! We brought the bike carrier up from the basement a few weeks ago and it has now been taking up space in the garage. Everything will fit, as it all has it’s place, and I will be able to park my car back in the garage. It is a luxury I did not know I enjoyed until I had to park out in the driveway the last few weeks. The one piece preventing the puzzle from fitting together is the snow blower! Now, I know it could still snow, but I am hoping spring is here to stay, and any snow that does fall will melt quickly or be easily removed with a shovel. So, the snow blower can go, the bike carrier rearranged, and my car can reclaim it’s rightful spot in the garage!

What is preventing the snow blower from being relocated from the garage to the shed in the backyard? My husband’s fear of the possibility of mice in the shed. The shed and the possibility of mice literally gives him nightmares! He envisions the mice multiplying in the winter months only to have the doors sprung open in spring and an entire colony of mice to come scurrying out!

Have we had mice? Yes.

An entire colony of mice? No.

A small family? Yes.

They like the warmth of our tractor and I am always the brave soul to relocate them, clear out their home, and shoo them away. Where is my husband you ask? As far as way as possible! So I told him, put on your big boy pants, today is the day I open the shed!

I headed to the back with the kids, while he went to bring the snow blower around to the back. I pulled back the lock, yanked open the door, and was welcomed with the musty smell of a shed locked shut for months. Where is my husband? Still at the back at the house. Still too far away to even see a mouse scurry.

No mice colony.

No mice family.

No mice scurrying.

All is as we left it. I make loud noises. I move things around. No movement. No mice.

“It’s fine. There are no mice.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, there are no mice.”

Hesitantly and cautiously he approaches with the snow blower. Yard essentials moved around, patio furniture removed, snow blower pushed back into the depths until next winter. No mice to be found… yet. But, my rightful spot in the garage reclaimed!


Slice of Life Day 26

I miss spontaneity. 

I miss waking up and seeing how we feel and where the day will take us.   Now, don’t get me wrong I am a planner, but I don’t like this kind of planning… the timed entry tickets, the non-refundable timed entry tickets, the need for socially distanced reservations, and time limits.  I want to go back to packing it up because the day called for it and just going!
There is no just going to the museum or zoo anymore.  It has to be perfectly planned well in advance!  It’s deciding how many other people may be there and is it worth going…
I bought tickets for the zoo tonight not for the time I wanted, but tickets.  Tried to book something else and that was not available.  Thought about buying tickets for another but didn’t feel like committing just yet…
I miss the spontaneity… will I ever get it back?

Dear Wednesdays

Slice of Life Day 25

Dear Wednesdays,

Thank you for getting me through the week. You have been my saving grace.  So much planning, so much posting this year.  

You were the day I could sleep in a little longer.  No rush to get to school.  No kids to welcome at the bell.  

You were the day I could wear jeans! No longingly staring off into my closet hoping for something to jump out at me.  Jeans and a sweatshirt, oh my comfort!

You were the day to plan without looking at the clock.

You were the day that all of us could be reunited together on a Meet.  

You were the day I could linger during lunch or in the hallway with my colleagues and friends.  

Wednesdays, I will miss you.  You have been my saving grace.

Dinner Fairy

Slice of Life Day 24

Tonight when I arrived home the wafting smell of dinner met me at the door.  The aroma of chicken tacos made my mouth start to water as I stepped further into the kitchen.  My usual frenzy of what to make for dinner and how quickly can I get it on the table before my kids eat everything in sight was silenced.  Instead, dinner was a breeze! One to be enjoyed, relished, savored.  One paired so nicely with my usual ice cold margarita.  A nice retreat from the rush of a weekday and a dreary rainy night. 

I should take the time to do this more often during the week when it matters the most and not just the weekend. 

Does it count as my hubby making dinner if he turns on the Crockpot that I have already prepped myself? 

I like to think the dinner fairy has flown in to save the day instead!

Spring Reading

Slice of Life Day 23

Spring is most definitely in the air.  Our window was open allowing the breeze to blow through, the sun streaming in, and the birds cheerful songs filling our class.  We took a late morning walk around the building to find our blacktop awaiting us for our reading time.  We, once again, sat in a big socially distanced circle and opened up our books.  The kids are deeply invested in their books and I love having them catch me up with their summaries as I make my way around the circle.  

Has the school voted for class president yet?

Have the boys pulled another prank?

Has anyone found out about the hidden family yet?

Has the big snowstorm hit yet? 

I cherish this reading time with my students and really getting to know them as readers.  Having this time be outside is an even greater bonus.  We were sad when this time ended, but motivated by lunchtime to find a good place to pause our reading. We eagerly anticipated a return to the sunshine with an afternoon walk.

Spring, we welcome you with open arms!

My Little Tree

Slice of Life Day 22

My little tree took a beating this weekend after I just relished in noticing its purple buds sprouting from its tiny branches. This is a new tree. It will be a blooming flowering tree. I have never seen it bloom as it was sent to us in a box through through the mail last year. We dug the hole. We nurtured it. We watered it. It withstood children running too close to it and children really wanting to take the stick that is still supporting it. I guarded it. I protected it.

This weekend my little tree was right in the middle of what became a main walkway. Siding lay to one side, temporary workbenches on the other, which only left a narrow walkway next to my tree. I don’t think my little tree ever stood a chance. I don’t think the workers even noticed it. It was just a casualty to their determination and haste. Branches bent by swung siding. Branches brushed by toolbelts. It made me cringe and hold my breath every time.

And then, there in the middle hung a sad broken branch. I was crushed. It couldn’t hold up to the many obstacles.

My little tree, I will nurture you, I will water you, you will thrive! You will bloom, you will flower, you will flourish! I am determined.