A Sigh of Relief

Slice of Life: Day 1

There is nothing more satisfying at the end of a long day, which they all seem to be, to finally get out of the days clothes and put on the comfiest of PJ’s and finally lay down.  It is as if the day lifts off of me and I can finally let out a sigh as I take a cleansing breathe.

The bags are all unpacked, the kids have eaten, the kitchen is cleaned, the bottles are drying and ready to go for tomorrow, the kids are bathed, stories have been read and everyone’s sleeping… for the time being.

It’s the moment when I just sit in the darkness listening to the quiet.  It’s finally quiet.  It would be so easy to just close my eyes.  To think of nothing.  I sit in the darkness and just enjoy the moment.  Nowhere to be, no one needing me, nothing that has to get done.  Just peace.

Some nights my night ends here.  I never make it back downstairs.  The work never comes out of my bag.  The extra load of laundry isn’t folded or started.  My night just ends.
Tonight, I should go downstairs.  My son needs his gloves washed for tomorrow.  I should finish grading the papers I brought home… but, for now, I just sit in the darkness enjoying the peace knowing, for now, everything is taken care of that needs to be and my kids are sleeping soundly snuggled in their beds.  I smile knowing today was a good day and I am going to enjoy this moment a little longer because before long it will be gone.

6 thoughts on “A Sigh of Relief

  1. Many days during the school year feel like “Groundhog Day” or that old Dunkin Donuts “Time to make the donuts” commercial. Your day sounds like mine. I feel constricted in my work clothes as I write this comment and can’t wait to disrobe and get into the comfy stuff at the end of the day. And about that bag of papers to grade: It’s all about appearances this year. I look the next morning and think: Oh, I forgot about those papers.

    This sentence w/ it’s list of “to do” things says it all about the teacher daily march: “The bags are all unpacked, the kids have eaten, the kitchen is cleaned, the bottles are drying and ready to go for tomorrow, the kids are bathed, stories have been read and everyone’s sleeping… for the time being.”

    Welcome to your first #SOLC. I’m looking forward to visiting your blog this month.


  2. Those quiet moments are rare and come and go so quickly … as do the hustling, bustling noisy moments … they go off to college or move far away to begin a first career. It’s ironic how precious those quiet moments are until the quiet moments get longer and the noise and chaos gets dimmer and dimmer. It’s all so ironic.


  3. I love this Tina! You make everything look so easy every day and it seems that you have learned along the way that it will all get done in due time. I am looking forward to reading your blog and hearing more about your life outside of school!


  4. you encapsulate a typical night i remember so well when my babies were babies with your writing. it’s interesting reading people’s thoughts on days and nights and themes and feelings you know so well as your own. take the silence where you can get it and know this time flies by so don’t miss a second. excellent post, tina.


  5. Wow, this piece really resonated with me. One, because I’m a mom and I totally get that “kids are finally in bed” feeling. Totally. And two, because I’ve been working on taking a moment just like you described here. A moment to breathe and just be in the silence. Have you read Present Over Perfect? That’s where the idea came from for me. It’s really good.

    This is beautifully written. You captured a universal feeling of moms everywhere and described it in one tiny moment. Well done!


  6. Oh, I can so relate to ALL of this! I felt your sense of peace … I almost have it now, except the dishwasher I just started is gurgling in the background. 🙂 I try to hold onto those moments for as long as I can as well. Enjoy those moments when you can … and when you can’t, go back and reread this slice. This was heavenly for me. Happy writing this month!


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