Shoes, Why Are There So Many Shoes?!

Slice of Life: Day 9

Shoes.  I love shoes, but I loathe them all at the same time.  What I dislike most is how they seem to multiply and take up residence all over my house as the week goes on.  Today is Thursday and as I walk in the door from the garage my dog greets me with one of my husband’s slippers in her mouth.  The other one has probably been dropped in front of the front window when it was picked up while barking at something outside.

I step onto the mat that is strew with little Nikes and rain boots from earlier this week. As I round the corner to put the carrier down there are my husband’s running shoes in front of the step stool.  He must have ran last night and thought this was a good place for the sweaty shoes to come to rest.  Out of the corner of my eye I can see a pair of dress shoes that my husband had worn earlier this week.

     I go to get a bone for the dog from the hall closet and I pass the stairs that have my boots neatly stacked from a few days before.  I keep meaning to bring them upstairs but my hands are always full.  At least they are starting to make their way back to their home.
     As I turn back towards the kitchen, and come full circle, there are another pair of running shoes in the corner by the bench probably worn because the others couldn’t be found.  I step over my son’s shoes that lay strew in the hallway as they were hurriedly kicked off on the way to the bathroom.
     I head back to the door.  Take off my shoes.  And, place them in the basket in the closet.  Ah, a sense of satisfaction that at least one pair has made it home!
     Saturday is the day that all shoes will be reunited with their match and returned to their home neatly tucked away in a basket in a closet… until they are once again chosen and after a long day of wear find a new resting place somewhere around the house.

7 thoughts on “Shoes, Why Are There So Many Shoes?!

  1. Love this and so true at my house too, except for the basket which is, by the way, a great idea. Have fun on Saturday organizing your shoes so that the process can start all over again on Monday 🙂


  2. So funny – I have this issue and it’s just me and my dog! And my dog doesn’t touch my shoes. I just get lazy when I get home from school. I’ll be joining you tomorrow, rehoming all the lost pairs.


  3. Your post made me laugh! Shoes has a way of drifting about like that in my house too, but the thing that really gets me are the socks. Why are there always socks everywhere??


  4. Oh my yes! This is my house too! I don’t understand why they end up everywhere they aren’t supposed to be and never in their places! Thanks for sharing today…love it!


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