A New Friend

Slice of Life: Day 11

“Mom, I’m tired.  I want to go home.”
“Ok, buddy.”
Tonight, silly photos were taken.  Scooters were wheeled on.  Backwards, forwards and in circles.  Balls were thrown.  Friends were chased.  Laughs were shared.  Booties were bounced.  Dance moves were created.  Sweets were enjoyed.  High fives and hugs were given.  Friends were made.
“Mom, that was fun.  Can we do it again?”
“We can, but it won’t be until next year.”
“Aww, can we have a play date then?”
“Of course.”
Memories were made at our first Mom and Son Night as well as a new friend to share those memories with!

7 thoughts on “A New Friend

  1. I love all the short sentences describing the event–they do such a great job of capturing the feeling of the outing.


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