We Have Work To Do

Slice of Life: Day 12

     “Papa, we have work to do!”
     My poor father-in-law.  He is such a good sport, but the last thing he wants to do when he comes to visit is more work.
     My son loves to cut wood.  It can be a stick, a fallen tree branch, an actual tree, or a random piece of wood.  He just loves to cut!  He has his own toy chainsaw and everything… everything includes a weed wacker, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, lawn mower and broom collection!  He has a slight obsession with yard work, which he did not get from us!
     So today was going to be a wood cutting day!
     “Papa, I have my work jeans on!  Lets get our work clothes on.”
     With that my son ran off in to the kitchen.  He returned moments later winter coat zipped, hood tightened, ear defenders in place, safety googles fastened and rain boots in his hand.  It’s amazing how quickly he can get himself ready when it is something that he wants to do!
     “I’m ready for work,” he beamed as he shoved his foot and jeans down into his boot.
     “Let’s go get my work gloves and your chainsaw, Papa.”
     Then the two walked in to the garage, collected their gloves, picked up the chainsaw and a fallen branch from the front and walked around to the back to cut some wood!  This will become the highlight of my son’s weekend.  Cutting wood with his Papa.

6 thoughts on “We Have Work To Do

  1. My husband was taking our son, who is almost three, up to his parents to visit yesterday afternoon.

    When I asked him if he was going up to see Nanny, he said, “No, I go Pappy’s.”

    I said, “But Nanny lives there, too, Buddy.”

    “No, I go see Pappy.”

    Our son associates Nanny and Pappy’s with Pappy playing along with him on the carpet. They “drive” dump trucks and cars back and forth. Doing this is a highlight for my son.

    It is so special when our kids get to play with their grandparents, isn’t it? And you know it means the world to our parents, too.

    So happy your son likes to do things with his Papa!!!

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  2. So awesome! He will remember these kind of family days forever and you will remember them even more. Hope your whole weekend was as enjoyable as this small moment. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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