Fries and a Coke

Slice of Life: Day 13

     Today was a fries and a Coke kind of day.  It’s one of those days that are so busy there is just never any time to catch up, but only get further behind.  On my way home, if I need the immediate pick me, I stop before getting on the highway.  If I feel I can wait or if I try to convince myself I don’t need to stop I also have the option to stop when I get off the highway.
     My busy day got busier when I had a meeting after school, but it got out earlier than expected and I didn’t have my usual sense of urgency to get home because my husband was getting the kids.  I thought about indulging myself on the way home and enjoying the bubbly fizz and sweet taste that only comes from the Coke at McD’s, but I kept going.
     I got off the highway and knew my second chance was coming… I shouldn’t stop.  I should just go home.  Dinner won’t take long to make.  But, then at the last second, I jump at the chance and turn in!  Hehe!  I earned this!  It was such a long day and my second half is just about to begin… I need a pick me up!
     I pull up to the last window and we make the exchange.  I get giddy just thinking about the guilty indulgence.  The cold drink cools my hand as I take a sip.  The bubbles pop and fizz and the sugary goodness tastes, oh so good.  Ahh!  It’s just what I needed.  Then I reach in to the bag and pull out the warm golden fries.  The smell engulfs the car and the warm salty, crispy goodness tastes, oh so good.  Ahh!  It’s just what I needed.
I continue home feeling better and ready to tackle the evening!
     I open the garage to find it empty!  I have the house to myself if only for a few minutes… and my night keeps getting better!  Some things are just simple enough to be fixed with fries and a Coke.

12 thoughts on “Fries and a Coke

  1. The way you described that Coke seriously has my mouth watering.

    I’m glad you stopped. Honestly, if we don’t take time to do these little things for ourselves, we start to lose ourselves in the chaos. And then, to come home to an empty house to boot!


  2. This sounds a lot like the dilemma I have in the morning when I contemplate if I should stop for coffee or not. The way you described the anticipation of your coke was perfect. Happy Monday!


  3. That little moment of self-care can make all the difference! I bet your family came home to one happy, less-frazzled mama as a result.


  4. Your paragraph beginning with, “I pull up to the last window and we make the exchange.” is so descriptive i can actually smell the fries. The sensory detail makes your slice so perfect.


  5. This is great! You captured my thoughts exactly when you debate when you pass each place! Should I stop here? Nah… Should I stop here? YES! We always have to do things to treat ourselves!


  6. Love this! Was it all of the fries and cokes during Student Council that got you thinking? 🙂 I was just telling someone the other day that McD’s is my comfort food, anytime I have a bad day I just want to stop for my DC and fries.

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  7. I love this! Funny thing we share the same guilty indulgence. Don’t be surprised if you see a very similar blog from me in the not so distant future … thanks for making me laugh 🙂


  8. I’m hungry after reading your post. Combinations of salty and sweet are my faves, and fries are about the only thing from McDonald’s I like. Now I want some!


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