Waking Up

Slice of Life: Day 16

I hate having to wake up my baby, but sometimes it is a necessity.  In the morning, I wait until the last minute to wake her up, but when it gets to be that time I just can’t wait any longer.  My mornings are always so rushed that when I wake her up it is as if time slows and I can just enjoy being with her.  I walk over to the Pack ‘n Play and turn off the noise machine that has transformed my bedroom into a beach.  The waves crashing down on the shore, being pulled back into the depths of the ocean, again and again, over and over.  There she is so peaceful.  Slow breaths in and out the faint smell of milk on her breath.

I whisper, “Olivia,” I slide my hands under her, “good morning.”

She arches her back, scrunches up her face and gives a big stretch.   Hands clenched she reaches over her head and momentarily pauses as if to decide, should I cry because you woke me or just snuggle back in to the warmth of your arms.  I pull her close to me and nuzzle my face next to hers taking in her baby smell hoping for the later.  Most days she nestles in to my chest as a carry her wrapped in my arms to her room.  I place her down where she arches her back and stretches again.  Eyes sealed tight.  Hands clenched.  I put my face close to hers.

“Olivia.  Olivia.  It’s time to wake up.”

Finally, one eye then the other.  Blink, blink.  Blink, blink.  And then, there’s the moment where the world comes in to focus and she looks up and a smile washes over her face as if to say, “Momma.”  Nothing makes my rushed mornings more enjoyable!

7 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. What a beautiful slice. You took me right back to when my Emma was a baby and how I used to nuzzle and snuggle her when I picked her up in the morning. I will have to remember those moments when I have to wake her now and she’s growling at me telling me to leave her alone (she’s 8 now!).


  2. You did a great job of bringing us into that moment. I always hate waking my boys up… but when they are little it is such a peaceful time and then the happiness just comes out. As teens… there is a little less happiness. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment.


  3. I was the one who would wake them up when I shouldn’t because I just wanted them to be awake with me. It is so hard to not have them awake and cuddle with you. I get it though that you have to be careful not to wake the beast if they are not ready. That is a dangerous game!

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  4. Your keen sense of observation and love for Olivia shows in descriptions such as this: She arches her back, scrunches up her face and gives a big stretch. Hands clenched she reaches over her head…” I miss those long gone baby days.


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