An Afternoon with Mom

Slice of Life: Day 18

     Today I spent the afternoon with my mom to celebrate her birthday.  We never get to spend time together just us without the kids.  So this was special.  What made it even more special was we got to go out and attend a play.  Something we love to do and have seen countless over the years, but I couldn’t tell you the last one we saw.  We drove together and caught up with one another on the way there even though we talk everyday multiple times during the day.  It’s different in person.  There’s always more to say, share and laugh about.  We parked and had to walk a few blocks.  The air was crisp and smelled of spring.  The path along the river was quiet.  We walked arm in arm listening to the rushing water cascading down the dam.  It was a beautiful sight on this sunny day.  Something to be enjoyed with someone special.  We stopped for a few moments and just listened and watched together.
     During the play, despite not being able to talk, it was so nice to have my mom by side enjoying something we love together.  It made me think of what it would be like to include my daughter in these outings when she gets older and what special things just the two of us will share.  I can only hope I have the same relationship with my daughter as I do with my mom because it is one I cherish and would be lost without.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful day just me and my mom!

13 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Mom

  1. I have to admit, I teared up as I read your slice. Your description of your walk from the car and linking arms with your mom were very beautiful. How does time get away from us? Our lives are so busy. Sounds like the best birthday ever.


  2. I’m looking at this from the other side — the mom having time out with her grown daughter. Sometime the boys are along — depends on everybody’s schedule — but more often it’s just us. Ours are for lunch, errands, area road trip, movie (plays not an option here), etc. It’s special time, a pick-me-up and recharge for both of us.


  3. I think the first step to having a good relationship w/ both mom and daughter is to make choices that protect the relationship, and that I can tell you do. Your day sounds lovely, and your plans to share such moments w/ your daughter are also beautiful.


  4. i bet this as or more special for her as it was for you. what a great daughter to be able to appreciate such a special moment. so glad both of you got to have it. awesome post!


  5. “The air was crisp and smelled of spring. The path along the river was quiet. We walked arm in arm listening to the rushing water cascading down the dam. It was a beautiful sight on this sunny day.” Your special time with your mom seems to have heightened your senses. I love how you have the insight to imagine what one of these outings might be like with your daughter included.


  6. Cherish these outings. My mom is now 90 and suffers from dementia. We can no longer go on outings like this, but sitting by her side and and just being together is great too.


  7. It is clear that you and your mom have a very close and special relationship. I am certain you will have the same closeness with your daughter when she is grown.


  8. What a very special day. I especially love the arm in arm part. That’s such a rarity and not really sure if I have ever done that with my mom. You will have many of these kind of days with your beautiful daughter. Thanks for enlightening me with such a lovely post.


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