Enjoy Longer

Slice of Life: Day 19

     Today was the first nice day we have had in awhile and because of that we were sure to get outside.  My son wanted to golf and practice his running in the front yard with his dad.  I had finally gotten my hubby to put together a new stroller that has been sitting in our front room since November!  Now was my chance to take it for a spin.  As my son would say, “Boys with the boys and girls with the girls.”  My daughter and I took off toward the park.  The sky was the prettiest blue void of clouds.  The air smelled of spring.  We walked past the park and then turned back home towards the boys.  I have missed this walk over the wintry months.
     When we returned home there Luke was swinging his club and then running after his ball to do it all over again.  I stood in the driveway pushing the stroller back and forth adjusting the canopy to shield my daughter from the sun as I longing soaked it in.  I love when we catch these glimpses of spring.  We stay outside longer.  We play longer.  We just enjoy longer.  Today was one of those days to just enjoy and enjoy we did!

6 thoughts on “Enjoy Longer

  1. Love this! Brought me back to my childhood doing the same thing with my family- especially “girls with the girls, boys with the boys”. It was always mom & I, dad and the boys. Nostalgia and aching for summer (or even SPRING), in every line. Awesome slice! 🙂


  2. This sounds like a lovely day. Here’s hoping for more in the months to come.

    One of the things you mention in the post is the stroller that sat unassembled since November. I’m going to be presumptuous here and suggest you get some tools and put stuff together. I wish I’d learned more about using tools when I was young, and I have acquired some limited skills, but I know lots of women who assemble things and do home repairs. It’s empowering. 🙂

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  3. This sounds like a page right out of my book. I love going in the back yard with my son and playing golf, or working on his baseball swing. Whenever it is nice, we always take family walks, and I love it. I can’t wait for the weather to finally turn so we can do this daily. I am glad that you got a chance to check out your new stroller and take a walk with your daughter.

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