Mountains of Laundry

Slice of Life: Day 21

     The laundry is out of control at the moment.  We had such a busy weekend that the laundry just kept getting pushed and now here it is Tuesday night and it is everywhere.  It is to the point where the clean and the dirty and commingling and creating their own piles that will soon be unrecognizable.
     I had an “oh crap moment” late Sunday night as I was packing my son’s backpack.  No blanket.  Where’s the blanket?  Ugh, it went down the laundry shoot Friday night where it now sits in his basket in the basement.  Luke’s stuff washed Sunday night, dried Monday morning and the basket now sits downstairs waiting to be folded… it’s now Tuesday.
     I had a late night yesterday, but my daughter’s hamper was overflowing and needed to be washed.  It was taunting me.  Where do all the burp cloths go? Olivia’s stuff washed Monday night, dried Tuesday morning and the basket now sits downstairs, next to her brothers, waiting to be folded… hopefully tonight.
     Now there’s our hamper.  I don’t know where to begin.  It has taken on a life of its own.  Dirty clothes on the inside and clean clothes from the week sitting on top keeping the inner contents contained.  I should tackle this tonight, but my energy and motivation are fleeting.  If I keep this pace maybe I’ll conquer the mountains before the weekend just in time to start all over again.
     I don’t know how it accumulates so quickly.  4 people and only 1 laundress… something does not seem right about this.  It’s no wonder I can’t keep up.  Here’s hoping to at least get another load started tonight.

6 thoughts on “Mountains of Laundry

  1. I can’t figure out where all the laundry comes from either. Just when you think you’re catching up, there are more piles. You are not alone. If you figure out how to conquer the mountains and still do all the other things we need to do, please write about that – so I can learn! Good luck 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh… same here this weekend. I do marathon laundry days on the weekend and while we were away, no one did it for me! So… it is slowly getting done and when I say slowly… really slowly. Good luck!


  3. I feel you girl. As I look at the bottom of my underwear drawer, the reality that tonight (Wednesday) will be spent bent over washing clothes is real. While I don’t have to do my kid’s clothes anymore, I still have to take time from writing, reading, homework, taking a breath to do laundry, Yuck!


  4. I look back on those years of babies and kids filling my home and can’t believe I could keep up w/ the laundry, and I used cloth diapers in the 1980s (there was a push to avoid disposable ones), which added to the deluge. Even now w/ only two adults’ clothes to wash, the laundry sometimes feels overwhelming. Where is your husband in all this? My husband has always been a big help w/ the laundry. He even handles delicates, and since his retirement in December, he’s doing almost all the household chores.


  5. It is literally just a never ending job. Once I accepted that, I felt better about the constant-ness of it. I just will never NOT be doing laundry.

    I loved this sentence: “It is to the point where the clean and the dirty and commingling and creating their own piles that will soon be unrecognizable.” It was such a strong visual to me, and I love the word choice of ‘commingling.’ So descriptive.

    Here’s to never being caught up on laundry, ever. 🙂

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  6. UGH! Laundry!! I have no problem washing and drying. It’s the folding! And the putting away! My kildare finally old enough to put their own away, but I have to fold it first. So boring!


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