3 Ring Circus

Slice of Life: Day 23

This afternoon it was warm enough to leave the winter coats behind and trade them in for our spring ones. We were going for a walk.  I look forward to the changing weather because our evening routine then changes to walking, biking, playing at the park and conversing with neighbors.  Today was one of those nights.  I hooked up the dog, put the baby in the stroller and Luke on his bike.  Luke always leads the way speeding ahead and slamming on the breaks as he stops along the way to pick up a stick that’s laying on the sidewalk.  No stick is too big or too small.
“Do we have to stop at every stick?”
“Yes, Momma.  It could get stuck in someone’s bike.”
“Oh.  OK.  That is very helpful of you.”
Baby and I are in the middle and the dog lags behind smelling every tree making sure to leave her scent behind.  Luke has grown since last bike season as his toes can now touch the ground and when he stands up he has enough strength to continue to pedal.  He has more confidence too as he pedals faster and farther ahead.  If only there weren’t so many sticks… or the hill.
The hill gives us trouble every time.   This is where I hope no one’s watching us because we for sure look like a travelling 3 ring circus.  By this time I am tired from wrangling the dog, pushing the stroller and giving Luke pushes with my foot or bending down to get his wheels going again.  I can only bend down so many times to his height, while trying not to steer the stroller into him or get the dog wrapped up in all of us.  This is why I wish he chose his scooter.  We don’t have Barnum and Bailey like acts when he is on his scooter.  But, we don’t have the scooter, we have the bike!  So our antics ensue.  He stops.  I push.  He pedals.  He gets stuck.  I swerve.  I push… all the way up the hill.  Finally, the end is in sight.  We cross the street and it is a straight downhill shot home!  Luke gets his second wind and pedals as fast as he can not stopping for sticks or to look back at me.
“I am going to beat you,” trails off in to the wind.
As long as I do not have to push him, he can beat me any day.  As we are about a block from home Luke runs over a stick and continues to drag it the rest of the way home… I guess he has a point to stopping and clearing the sidewalk of every little stick.  Oh, our evening walks, I’ve missed you.

4 thoughts on “3 Ring Circus

  1. I wouldn’t mind going for an evening walk right now at 12:41 p.m.! Today is gorgeous and so hoping Spring break continues with the sunshine so you can go for many evening walks. Glad you’re enjoying all of your small moments. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful description of your evening walks. Aren’t you happy they are back after a long winter hibernating inside?


  3. Luke is a thoughtful boy and you capture the conversation about picking up sticks beautifully. This slice and the others about your children make me nostalgic for those days when my boys were little. I miss these days and wish I’d written about them, but I was always so tired. Keep carving out this time to capture these stories. They are so precious.


  4. It takes patience and a sense of humor to be a parent! I agree with Glenda that it is so great that you are making the time to write about these experiences. (Your kids will love reading these stories one of these days.)


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