Slice of Life: Day 24

3:00.  The long awaited hour is finally here.  The halls are finally clear.  My classroom is finally empty.  My lesson plans are complete and turned in.  My copies are made for the following week.  My bag is filled with papers and curriculum guides.  The last few emails are sent and conversations had.  I am done.  I feel relief.  I take a deep breath in and let it out.  This has felt like an eternally long week, but all the stress can now slide away because it’s finally here.  Spring Break!  No early wake ups, no lunches to make, no rushing, no school.  I need this time to recharge and to regroup.  This break could not have come at a better time.  One week, what will I do?!  The possibilities are endless.

8 thoughts on “3:00

  1. I hope you have a wonderful break and revel in the freedom of unscheduled time. It sounds like you’ve cleared the decks so you can fully enjoy it. Have fun! I have to ask one thing, though–you turn in your lesson plans?? To whom??


  2. 3:00 … The end!
    It was an extra sweet 3:00 yesterday. You are right, we all need to relax and recharge. I hope you get both over spring break. Enjoy the morning where you’re not making lunches and not getting up at the crack of dawn. As long as it took to get here, it will be gone in a flash so for now just enjoy!


  3. Enjoy your spring break. I love the way you capture the anticipation and have prepared for returning to work after break.

    My break is nearing the end. I’m ready for Monday’s lessons but am not looking forward to heading back to work.


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