Colored Eggs

Slice of Life: Day 27

     We couldn’t wait any longer!  Luke eagerly sat on his knees on our high top chair leaning over the cups.  Yellow.  Blue.  Green.  Pink.  Orange.
     “The tabs go in first.”
     I displayed the colored tabs in the palm of my hand as my son took one at time careful to match each colored tab to the correct cup.  Next the vinegar.
     “I’ll tell you when to stop, Mom.”
     “Watch as I pour it in.”
     “Wow! Bubbles!”
     We peered in to the cups and watched each tab dance, jiggle and shake as bubble after bubble spewed to the top.  Next the water.
     “I’ll do it Mom.”
     “How about we do it together?”
     “That’s a good idea.”
     We filled the cups with water making sure to stop at the line.  I boiled the eggs earlier in the day so we’d be ready to drop them in.  Luke was ready to launch an egg in to the cup when I offered up a spoon to gently guide the egg in.  I was hoping to avoid a colored counter top and fingertips!  With each egg a new color chosen.  Now to wait.  One of the hardest things to do.
     “We have to wait 5 minutes buddy.”
     “Aww. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Done!”
     “Good counting, but that’s only 5 seconds not 5 minutes.”
     So wait he did. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting
     But the waiting paid off because what was revealed were brilliantly vibrant pastel colored eggs.  Luke was amazed and loved having the boring white eggs now be beautifully colored.  I love how something so simple can become so magical and entertaining.  Needless to say, he is looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!

One thought on “Colored Eggs

  1. I’d love to see those eggs and Luke’s excitement. These moments with your children are always filled w/ love. I love the gentle way you let Luke have independence and guidance. i see this in the words “I’ll do it mom” and your response “Let’s do it together.”


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