Slice of Life: Day 29

     Last night my son had an exorcist moment after complaining of his tummy hurting all afternoon.  Needless to say, he felt much better afterwards.  After all was cleaned up, tears dried and emotions calmed, he climbed in to bed with me.  He just needed his momma.  Curled up in a ball, head in my lap I just stroked his hair and rubbed his back.  During this sweet moment of ours I sent my husband downstairs for a bowl lined with a bag in case round two arose in the middle of the night and Lysol spray to disinfect whatever may remain.
     “I feel much better, Mommy, but I just want to go to bed.”
     “I know buddy.  Daddy should be right up.”
     Should is the key word.  He should be right up, but what is taking so long?  Does he not know what bowl I mean?  Do we not have any bags?  Did I put the Lysol spray in the basement and not under the sink?  Waiting… waiting… waiting… Here I wait.  Stewing.  I can’t yell down to him because I’ll startle and wake the baby, so here we wait.  A good ten minutes go by before I hear the click of the gate.
     “What took you so long?”
     “What do you mean?”
     “You were gone for awhile.”
     “Ha. You’re gonna laugh.”
     I think to myself, “Doubtful, very doubtful.”
     “I found Monopoly pieces in the bag so I was opening them all up to see what they were.”
     I just stare at him.  I have no words and definitely not laughter.  Only the thoughts in my head, “What made you think now would be a good time?”
     “Dad, I want to go to bed.”
     “Yes, please, go put your son to bed,” I think to myself as I just smile at the two of them because I still have no words.
     Needless to say, we did not hit it big with the Monopoly pieces!

5 thoughts on “Monopoly?!

  1. hahaha! Oh my gosh is this funny! And there is a reason those monopoly pieces are in the bag, because they’re never worth opening! What a funny story since I am not the one sitting in bed with a child that could have round two at any moment. Hoping you both feel better today 🙂


  2. Loved your post! It is just another example of how mothers and fathers think so differently – or maybe it’s just women and men. Hope your son is feeling better today.


  3. So funny! I can totally picture your irritation and he happily tells you about his good deed of opening the monopoly pieces (although I was thinking the actual board game and it took a second to figure out!).


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