Slice of Life: Day 1

Holding her in the nook of my arm takes me back to when she was a tiny baby and all I did was snuggle and hold her close.  Now at bedtime, when she is on the cusp of slipping off to sleep and her eyes flutter to fight off sleep, she rubs her eyes and nestles closer to me.  I lean in close and give her kisses breathing in her clean just bathed smell as she yawns and her sweet baby breath passes over me.
You are my sunshine. My only sunshine.
I stand up and hold her over my shoulder squeezing tight. She snuggles her head into my neck and pulls her arms in under her chest sinking her weight into me. I close my eyes, rest my head on hers, rub her back and sway savoring the moment.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
I cradle her in my arms and brush the hair from her eyes tucking it back off her face.
You’ll never know dear. How much I love you.
One last kiss.  She stretches, yawns and breathes out as she settles into the comfort and warmth of her bed.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.
The sounds of ocean waves and lullabies carry her off to sleep and there is no sweeter more satisfying part of my day.
Sweet dreams.

8 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. Lovely, comforting. I sang that song to my babies.
    Good to see you back for year two of the SOL challenge. I was part of your welcome wagon team last year.


  2. It’s not noon yet and I already know that it the sweetest and most best thing I will read all day and probably all weekend. I know that smell and those feelings and that scene. So well. You snapshotted it like verbal visual art so perfectly. Thanks for that. Wonderful start to the slice.


  3. “She snuggles her head into my neck and pulls her arms in under her chest sinking her weight into me.” This particular line brought me back to the days my babies were small enough to nuzzle against me with their arms tucked under their chests. Thank you for jogging one of my most fond memories ❤ Enjoy those snuggles!


  4. Oh, my heart! My favorite part of the day was ALWAYS bedtime! I loved nothing more than sitting in the rocking chair in Matthew´s darkened room slowly rocking back and forth. Now, he´s halfway to being a teenager, but thankfully, he still lets me tuck him in. Enjoy those moments!! ❤


  5. Bedtime is my favorite time of the day with my son. I know that may sound crazy because sometime bedtime can be stressful with the requests for “one more book, and I need a drink of water,” but I can relate so well to the scene you described. They are so sweet, young and innocent…and they smell so good! I love those quiet moments to notice everything about them and snuggle them up! Thanks for sharing!


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