Monster Trucks

Slice of Life: Day 3

Waiting with anticipation my son had his new flag in hand waving it back and forth eagerly awaiting the arrival of the MONSTER TRUCKS!  He looked so little sitting cross legged on the seat between my husband and I straining to see above the heads in front of him.  He bounced to the right, wiggled to the left, stretched his neck as tall as he could.  He repositioned himself onto his knees.  I adjusted his noise cancelling headphones or ear defenders as he so affectionately refers to them.  And then, finally, the perfect position!

Vroom, vroom, vroom….engines roared, exhaust blaring, tires spinning…here come the MONSTER TRUCKS!

Blue Thunder roared loudly.  “Thun-der…dah dah dah dah dah dah…Thun-der”

El Toro Loco blew white smoke from his nose.

Zombie’s arms outstretched in front.  “Cause this is thriller.  Thriller night.”

Luke’s eyes grew big, shoulders tense, mouth open in disbelief!  This is what he has been waiting months for… trucks roaring, speeding, spinning, dirt flying…the roar of the engines and exhaust vibrate through us as if we are in the trucks ourselves.

We rooted for our trucks to win, cheering and booing, watching in awe and amazement at the wonder that is MONSTER TRUCKS!

2 thoughts on “Monster Trucks

  1. The way you described your son trying to get in the perfect position to be able to see the trucks was very well written. I felt as if I was sitting right behind you watching your lil guy. Excellent slice!


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