Out of Sight

Slice of Life: Day 5

I usually do not do laundry during the week unless my son comes home having rolled in the mud during recess and his snow clothes are now caked in mud that will require rinsing, soaking and washing!  Or my daughter decides lunch was more fun to play with than actually eat!  These moments just make me pound down the stairs to the basement a little louder than I should knowing I will have to make this trek a few more times to move the load into the dryer and then again to bring upstairs to fold…ugh!  I loathe those weeknights.

Otherwise during the week the laundry is neatly hidden and in its place.  My husband and I have a wicker basket in the bathroom that neatly conceals its contents.  My daughter has an elephant hamper that so seamlessly fits in with the decor of her room and keeps everything out of sight.  My son though has it the best!

We have a laundry shoot in the upstairs bathroom that allows for my son to throw all of his clothes down the shoot at the end of the night.  It is his responsibility and he knows every night to deposit his clothes.  It is a satisfying sound of the metal door flapping back to its resting spot as the vacuum sound of the clothes getting sucked down the chute follow!  It is so easy and, poof, just like that the clothes are gone.  However, the flaw in whoever designed this, and it is a big one, is there is no one at the bottom checking pockets for the treasures that a 4 year old holds dear, turning shirts right side out, pulling pant legs out of their crumpled up knot and actually putting it all in the washing machine!  There it all sits.  Piled up.  Waiting.  Waiting for me..ugh!  At least I can live in a fantasy during the week with everything out of sight.  It’s the weekend when I pound down the stairs to find my reality that awaits.

3 thoughts on “Out of Sight

  1. Who would have thought that laundry could make such an interesting read. i enjoyed picturing your son sending the laundry down the chute.


  2. Anytime someone can make laundry interesting – I’m interested! I remember the only thing that I enjoyed out of laundry and a laundry shoot was lighting bottle rockets and shooting them down at my brother


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