Hot Mess

Slice of Life: Day 7

My daughter was a hot mess from the moment I picked her up.  First, it was a fight to get on her socks and shoes at daycare.  Going limp in my lap, shirt riding up, sliding down my legs, twisting and turning.
Then, it was the car ride.  Crying because her brother had Cheerios and she did not.  Crying because I gave her Cheerios and then she ate them all.  Crying because her brother gave her more and she couldn’t find them in the cup holder.
Next, it was trying to set her down to take off my coat.  Dramatic drop to the knees and belly flop sprawled out on the floor.  Cue the tears.
Dinner was crying because she didn’t have food.  Crying because she ate the food.  Dramatic push the high chair away from the table.  Momentary pause.  Quivering lip then crying because she was too far away.
Then, bath time.  Crying because she had to get undressed.  Crying because the water was running and she wasn’t in the tub.  In the tub she goes.  Quiet.  Happy.  A reprieve!  We splish.  We splash.  She enjoys the warmth of the water.  Maybe this is just what she needed.  And, then, the look.  She tensed.  She stopped.  No, no, no.  I knew what was coming. Quick pull her out of the bath… too late.  Poop.  And, start the crying.  Ugh!
Yell for my husband…  yell louder.  Crying still crying.
Crying to put on a diaper.  Crying to put on pajamas…  just too much crying and I’m exhausted from the recount…
It is quiet now.  The crying stopped when I laid her in her crib.  Watching her on the monitor, her eyes blink, she looks around and then sleep.  Finally quiet.  Finally peace.  Finally the hot mess is asleep.  Oh, what a night!

10 thoughts on “Hot Mess

  1. I’m very sorry you and your daughter had such a bad day, but the poop bit was very funny! The whole story was very well told and I could really picture everything so clearly, especially you holding your daughter out of the bath while you yelled for your husband! I hope you have a much better day tomorrow!


  2. Because you’re always such a vivid writer – a portrait artist really, I could as usual follow along with all of that in a sort of memory form from my own guys. Then I got to the bath poop. I somehow forgot about the bath poop. Thanks for bringing me back! Such a visceral reality from that part of life. Another fun, excellent post. Glad you made it through and she did too.


  3. I choose to read this because it brought maybe I could relate either for myself or someone else in my life. My boys are grown now, but this brought back the memories of my kiddos acting just this way. I was right back there. Such a hard time. Love the descriptions! Keep this because one day you won’t remember what these moments were like.


  4. Oh my! What a vivid piece and effective repetition! I felt your stress. I am so glad to be done with those high-stress days (now I just have a seventh grader who screams at Fortnite and calls everybody “bruh”). Enjoyed this slice very much!


  5. Knuffle Bunny nailed it on the head when Trixie is melting down and he Dad says that she went “boneless”. Sounds like a perfect reference to your daycare pick up, eek!


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