Friday Coffee

Slice of Life: Day 9

Friday afternoon coffee tastes so much better than an afternoon coffee any other day of the week.
The coffee shop is not reached until I get off the highway and by then the silence has put me at ease and my mind can just go blank as it is Friday afternoon and I do not need to grade papers or plan for tomorrow.  I do not need to think ahead to what I need to do in the morning.  I can just sit in silence.  By the time I reach the coffee shop I have forgotten about my day and have moved on to enjoying that it is the weekend.  Very rarely is there a line at this time, so I can pull up and place my order without waiting.  Even better.  I am simple.  I like things the same.  It is always one of two choices.  Today I choose the one with a little more caffeine, a stronger coffee taste.  I pull around, pay and then she hands it to me.  My bliss.  My happy place.  Yes, a cup of coffee holds this power over me! It’s warm in my hands, the smell wafts out of the opening and encircles my car.  I pull up and pause to take my first sip.  Hot, creamy, just the right amount of bitter and sweet.  Ahh. Just what I needed.  Any hint of the day or week that remained floats away and I can just enjoy the rest of my ride home in silence just me and my coffee.

8 thoughts on “Friday Coffee

  1. You do like your afternoon caffeine! I’m so disappointed as I thought you were my partner in coke and fries after school crime. You described the taste so well that I will be heading to Panera or Starbucks this morning to jumpstart my next three hours! Hope your weekend is as great as your Friday drive home with your hot caffeinated beverage.


  2. This is truly a post of gratitude–which we have all learned is essential to happiness. I was in that happy place right along with you, as I drink my Saturday morning cup of coffee.


  3. I feel you. While I don’t celebrate the weekend with coffee, the quiet is what I need. After a week with 12 year olds, my train ride home sitting in the silent car is what coffee is to you.


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