Day Off

Slice of Life: Day 12

A day off for me and a day off for my husband are very different.  He technically didn’t have a day off, but he was working from home.  Well “working from home” includes working out, going out for lunch, watching Golf channel and taking a nap among other things, oh, work too I’m sure.  My days off are usually half days that require me picking a kid up early for a doctor appointment so I usually don’t end up with more than an hour or two by myself.  I always get excited that maybe on his “day off” he will take over the household duties, pick up the kids, make dinner… Today, No. Such. Luck.
No laundry.  No clean house.  No kids.  No dinner… ugh!
Instead I came home with a bag full of muddy boots, mud crusted snow pants, dirty shoes and soggy mittens and socks!  More laundry! Only to go downstairs to find damp clothes in the dryer and wet pants in the washing machine both of which I left there.  Turn on the dryer.  Take out the pants.  Rinse and scrub the mud off the clothes, into the washing machine.  I trudge upstairs.
“Do you want to make that Plated meal or what are you thinking for dinner?” says the man who has been home ALL DAY!
A “day off” sounds good right about now, but I have clothes to fold, clothes to dry and a layer of dried mud caked onto boots that need to be cleaned so they’re sparkling for the mud puddle that awaits them tomorrow.  How many more days until Spring Break…

4 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. I can just picture this playing out…I usually get the “but you didn’t tell me to do that” reply. Um… you live here too. The weather does not help, everyone’s patience is wearing thin.


  2. Your description is very real and resonates in a heartbeat. This “Today, No. Such. Luck.” We understand when you place those periods there how you’re witnessing the pattern repeat itself, again. I imagine the scrubbing being rather vigorous as a form of release.


  3. Your post exudes frustration and coming to a place where expectations and reality collide. You beautifully slow down the moments in this piece in a way that helps us feel frustrated right along with you! Thanks for sharing this slice!


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