The Little Things

Slice of Life: Day 13

Don’t you love when the little things go your way?!  Today as I got off the highway I caught the left green arrow, which never happens!  As I pulled up to the library someone was pulling out of the 15 minute spot right in front of the door!  Perfect timing!  As I came to the stop sign, no oncoming traffic!  I was able to make a left turn right away.  Woohoo!  Open spot right in front of the coffee shop!  Score!  No line to wait in to order coffee!  Yes!  When I was leaving I waited for one car to drive by and then I was able to back up and keep on driving.  Hehe!  These things never happen!  It is amazing how these little things can provide me with instant gratification and happiness!  Today on my way home all the little things just went my way!

8 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. It’s so great when the little things happen! I had the same experience driving to work today- all green lights, not a lot of traffic, coffee in hand within minutes, and a good parking spot. Let’s hope the drive home is as wonderful 🙂


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