Indoor Recess

Slice of Life: Day 14

Ah indoor recess.  I have a love hate relationship with you.  Some days I despise you because the kids are literally bouncing off the walls and some days, like today, I enjoy catching a glimpse into their lives.
I have the group of boys practicing their drawing skills on white boards talking about Nintendo Switch.  Their comic book characters to most likely appear in their next edition.
One group of girls playing Sorry and enjoying moving around the board.  Giggles, squeaks, squeals and random flying board pieces!
One group rustling through my books and laughing at the pages…  the group that I suspect are secretly boyfriend and girlfriend and their best friends in tow.
The Fortnite dancers who make me giggle.  In their own world caring less that anyone else is around.
I have my runners, “Stop running!  We only walk!”, every indoor recess there are always runners.
My origami crew.  Folding, refolding.  So much paper!  The creations will be added to my desk by the end of recess.
The eye drawing group.  Eyes have become a new obsession to draw by some.  They are intensely looking at each other’s eyes and trying to replicate.
The talkers who talk the whole time, but who never talk during class time!
I enjoy the buzz and smiles and laughter!  I enjoy seeing them play and be kids.  Today I do not mind the noise.  Today I enjoy catching a glimpse into their lives.

7 thoughts on “Indoor Recess

  1. Sometimes it’s like I’m a recess cop and sometimes I need to turn it into silent recess but i seem to be always trying to at least keep them breathing while getting some work done. Especially on the out of nowhere indoor recess days. But yes – I love when I look up from my work and see the various different little “neighborhoods” that pop up when rules are relaxed and they are able to just be. When they don’t take loosened restrictions for granted and just respectfully be kids. Watching them drift between groups or whole groups interact with other groups and then go back to what they were doing. Yes. Nice picture you painted. I like those days too.


  2. I think we have had indoor recess more THIS year than any year in the past. It has been cold. I do enjoy the occasional indoor recess but, this year may have been too much.


  3. This is so true. It is so interesting to see students at indoor recess- who they interact with, what activities they choose. But it also makes teaching the rest of the afternoon a challenge!


  4. Thank you for this. We have had a TON of indoor recesses this year and they are announcing rain for tomorrow! I love how you captured your groups and the personalities so well in your post!


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