The Park in Spring

Slice of Life: Day 18

40 degrees feels like a heat wave given the brutally cold winter we have had, so I was determined to make sure we could get outside as a family and enjoy the fresh air.
Shoes on.  Jackets on.  Pulling out the double stroller from the back of the garage where it has hibernated and collected dust throughout the winter months.  The struggle to load the kids into the stroller felt awkward and foreign as this has not been our routine for awhile, but this will not deter me.  We need to get outside!  I long to get outside.  Kids in tow, dog tagging along we are finally on our way.  To the park we go!
My son gleefully hops out and runs for the playground climbing, jumping, sliding.  My daughter eager to walk but unsteady on the wood chips.  Up and down the steps, sliding down the fast slide, the twisty slide and then to the swings.  Giggles, laughter, smiles.
“Higher!  Higher!  I am going to the top of the trees.  To the clouds  To the sun!  I am going to touch the moon!”
Ahh spring!  I have missed you.  I look forward to more sunshine, laughter and playing outside.

5 thoughts on “The Park in Spring

  1. Oh I can feel your anticipation about getting out and enjoying some fresh air and park time. I remember those days with young children. Loading everyone in the stroller can feel like work… but it is so worth it. Precious time.


  2. Sounds great! I have been dying to get outside. So has my daughter. We haven’t gone to the park yet though because I feel like this time of year it’s always gross and muddy. But maybe we’ll give it a try towards the end of the week.


  3. I am SO looking forward to spring this week. My double stroller is also ready to roll to the park. I couldn’t pull the trigger today with the overcast and wind, but fingers crossed for the rest of the “warm-up” this week.


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