Sunday Brunch

Slice of Life: Day 19

We had the whole side of the restaurant to ourselves.  Not purposefully.  It just worked out that way.  Sunday brunch to celebrate a mom, mother-in-law and Grandma GG’s birthday!  It was relaxed as we did not have to shush the kids or worry if we were being too loud or distracting other tables.  There was white paper over the tablecloth which fascinated my daughter.  She looked at me quizzically like “you are really going to let me draw all over this table?!” My son and his GG had coloring pages and they were both coloring together.
“Geeg, you have to do what I do.”
“Oh OK.”
Red here.  Orange there.  Grey on the bottom.  We weren’t rushed.  We weren’t waiting for or containing a meltdown.  We were just enjoying each other’s company.  Alone.  On our side of the restaurant.  Just the 5 of us.  Sunday brunch was quite nice!

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