What was that?!

Slice of Life: Day 20

It sounded like a rush of water almost like waves rolling in.
“Luke, it’s time to get out of the tub.”
No response.  I left him in about two inches of water about to get out of the tub, how could the water sound like that? I walk out of the room and head to the bathroom. Noooo!
“Oh my God, Molly!  Get downstairs!”
The sound that I heard was not coming from son in the bathroom instead it was the sound of my dog retching and expelling from the depths of her insides what remained. The sound was, as my son put it, “dog barf” coming up and out and not only engulfing the landing but splashing, yes splashing, it’s way down not just one, but two stairs. How is this even possible?! This is the fourth time tonight! How is anything even left?!  Ugh!  I feel so defeated.  I have used up almost all of our paper towels on the previous three piles.  The spray is almost gone too!  Spray, soak, blot, wait, repeat.  Spray, soak, blot, wait, repeat.  It is almost comical at this point because if I don’t see the humor I may just cry.


Needless to say my husband and I bonded together at the top of the stairs blotting and soaking up the stains that still remained and the carpet will be professionally cleaned next week!

5 thoughts on “What was that?!

  1. Oh my gosh … that’s the worst! Good thing a certain colleague of ours wasn’t at your house at the time, I can only imagine what you’d be cleaning up if she was a part of your scene. Glad your getting your carpet cleaned soon!

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  2. That is the worst!! I hate puke, no matter who it comes from, but dog puke it nasty. I was not capable of cleaning that up. I would gag so bad. I feel for you!!


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