End of the Day

Slice of Life: Day 22

Everyone just a little too loud today and a little too chatty.  Everyone held it together despite the anticipation of the end of the day and the week that awaits.  Assessment complete.  To-do list checked off.  Copies made.  Lesson plans complete.  Organized and ready to go for the week back.  Desks are somewhat organized, chairs are up, mail has been taken.  Pencils remain left on the floor to be picked up and added to the basket.  Water bottles left behind thrown to the top of the trash.  “Please clean board”  left behind in hopes of returning to a sparkly white board.  Smiles, hugs, and fist bumps on the way out the door.

“Have a nice break.  Enjoy your week.  Get outside and play.  Don’t forget to read and practice your math!”

It’s a nice thought.  At least I tried.


Ah.  Heavy sigh.  Deep breath in… hold it… exhale.  Finally Spring Break!  It couldn’t have come soon enough.  Time for some R and R.

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