Spring Prep

Slice of Life: Day 24

It’s almost Spring and with that comes the prep…

Spring jackets and rain boots on, wheel barrows and rakes in hand.  It was a family affair.  Luke tackles the leaf pile near the back door.  Raking, scooping, shoveling.  Pulling back the wet, brownish black crumbled leaves giving way to a glimpse of spring Green buds of the day lilies starting to awaken and pop through the ground.

Matt fills the wheel barrow with the remains of fall exposing yellowish grass that is starting to change from brown to yellow to eventually green.  Back and forth.  Picking up pile after pile.

I tackle the back berm.  So many leaves.  It doesn’t even seem to make a dent, but I know the sooner fall is picked up the sooner the signs of spring can shine through.  Rake.  Rake.  Rake.

Olivia is in Luke’s leaf pile, with a rake, with a shovel, trying to lift his wheel barrow.  Bored.  On to the next.  Walking.  Just walking.  Exploring.  This is the first time she is able to walk on her own without snow!  Crunching leaves.  Picking up sticks.  Removes the hat, throws the hat.  Keeps on walking.  Flings one glove.  Drops the other.  Leaves a trail without a care.  Hmm… this looks interesting.  Bending down.  Sweeping, brushing.  Sits.  Just watches.  Brother scooping.  Dad wheeling.  Mom raking.  Everyone together preparing for Spring.

5 thoughts on “Spring Prep

  1. This is one of my favorite slices I’ve read this year! What lovely description. You do such a great job with precise verbs and I love, love, love the use of those short one-word sentences. I love this feeling of turning over the old to make room for the new. You do such a lovely job of capturing it!


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