Evening Bike Ride

Slice of Life: Day 27

The bike carrier was hooked up.  All the essentials packed… water bottles, snacks, wipes.  We were set.  My son loves going in the bike carrier.  For years it was just him sitting in the middle, room on either side, but now his sister gets to join him.  Pushed to the side, jockeying for arm positions, the two of them together.  I strapped them in and zipped up the carrier.  On I climbed to make sure the bike felt alright pulling the carrier.  For someone who hasn’t biked in awhile, let alone pulling at least 50 pounds behind me, it didn’t feel so bad!  Off we go!  I on the bike, kids in tow and my husband running along side., well behind!  I was suppose to set his pace, but I have too much fun being able to go faster than him that I can’t help myself.  Whoosh!  Hehe.  Squeals from my daughter behind!  The air was cool and crisp and we could hear the river’s water whooshing by alongside us.  My husband left in our dust sprinting behind… my husband is more than capable of keeping this fast pace so I really don’t feel bad.  I look back to check on the kids… and him.  All are enjoying themselves.  It is just nice to be out in the sunshine, in nature, enjoying the time together as a family.

8 thoughts on “Evening Bike Ride

  1. I loved riding my bike when I was growing up… we lived in the country and my best friend and I rode every day all summer long. There is nothing like the feel of the air rushing against you and dust billowing behind as you race down a country road. Thanks for evoking those memories with your delightful slice.


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