Chalk Drawings

Slice of Life: Day 29

Sitting at the end of the driveway two buckets of chalk one for each kid.  Luke is drawing a five eyed alien.  Olivia enjoys taking out a piece of chalk, drawing a few lines, dropping it and going back for a new color.  Rainbows, clouds and flowers are drawn.  Olivia walks up the driveway.  Back down to the bottom.  Down the sidewalk.  Always stopping and checking as if to ask, “Is this OK, mom?” She giggles, turns and keeps on walking.  Luke is focused.  Content drawing.  The dog is close.  She loves being outside breathing in the fresh air always laying in the chalk.  The sun is shining.  The air smells fresh and of Spring.  Birds chirping.  I couldn’t ask for a better Spring day!

7 thoughts on “Chalk Drawings

  1. Your post brought back to the simple pleasures that I miss from when my children were little. I so look forward to having those experiences with my grandchildren.


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