The Deli Counter

Slice of Life: Day 1

My family is spoiled and has gone over to the dark side of getting meat and cheese from the local deli or the deli counter at the grocery store.  I agree, it’s so much better, but my quick convenience is gone.  Here I stand, in a rush, as always, at the deli counter where no one behind the counter is ever in a hurry!  My ticketed number is never close to the number displayed in red on the screen or being called to no answer!  The blade moves slowly back and forth, back and forth.  The numbers on the scale never adding up to where they should be.  Then the dreaded, “I have to go get another one from the back.”  Nooo!  And, my family eats soo much, of course, it is not a simple order!

I just ate and yet my mouth is salivating gazing at the display case… salsalito, sunshine, curry, blazing buffalo! Who knew there were so many choices, do people actually eat all these options?!  What am I talking about, if I had time to stand here and try them my kids would devour them and my deli list would be even longer! My kids will not know the joys of those flavors, not today!  So today, I wait… 15 minutes later for my boring turkey, ham and cheese…  I have to hold on to the joy it will bring my family when they grasp the red slider to open the deli meat and enjoy the freshness and deliciousness it will bring… because right now all I want to do is grab some prepackaged Oscar Meyer from the shelf and run!  But, here I wait…

8 thoughts on “The Deli Counter

  1. I love this line: Then the dreaded, “I have to go get another one from the back.” That DRIVES ME CRAZY.:) You completely captured the impatience/angst/annoyance of waiting at a deli counter. I am not an anti-social person, but just as I’m feeling like you are feeling, a friend approaches to talk and I’m not in the mood (although, I do not let the friend know that:). Thank you for capturing the “deli line blues”. I didn’t even go grocery shopping this morning, and I’m feeling it.


  2. Relate-able. Some days, though, it hits just right when the meat slicer person adds, after asking you to scrutinize their definition of your request on the thin/thick spectrum, “would you like to sample it”? That’s when it pays off that the kids aren’t with me. Ha! Great first post.


  3. Happy March! Excited to be going on this slicing journey with you again. Grocery stores on Sundays are my nemesis- the crowded aisles, the long lines at all the counters… I empathize with you. I also relate to being overwhelmed at the options! That’s how I can feel in the peanut butter aisle, too. So many flavors and textures, and I always end up choosing the same creamy skippy. Happy Sunday, Happy March & Happy SPRING!!!


  4. Ahhh…. love the grocery on Sundays! This weekend though, I went on Saturday. Got there early enough to avoid the major crowds. I don’t really mind grocery shopping. I kind of enjoy it – or maybe it’s just the alone time with a Starbuck’s in my hand! 😉


  5. I feel like waiting in line for that is longer than waiting in line for a roller coaster at Six Flags. It can be brutal! Then you have the people who make them add one more slice! Drives me nuts!


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