Seeing Red

Slice of Life: Day 2

Have you ever had one of those days when you are holding it all together and then that one thing just pushes you over the edge…

Today was one of those days and it came in the form of a text message.  I read it and instantaneously the expletives started flowing in my head and I saw red!  All I could do was close the message and not respond…. probably best to never respond.  Some messages do not warrant a response nor would there ever be a response that would satisfy the sender!
We talk a lot about zones of regulation and I had been lingering in green all day.  I was fine and then I read that and I went straight to red.  And, no, I do not want to pick a strategy from the tool box and, no, I do not want to navigate my emotions.  I will name it rage and anger and frustration, but it will stay in that closed message never to be dealt with because sometimes I just want to stay mad!

5 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. Oh I’ve been there before! How much self-control you had not responding! I love “no I do not want to pick a strategy from the tool box.” Even as adults we don’t always want to snap right out of it. Sometimes we do just want to stay mad. Hopefully you’re feeling better though.


  2. We have all been in that place. I have a parent this year who is notorious for nasty emails. She’s been that way to every teacher since kindergarten. Sometimes you just need to let it go, knowing that’s best for everyone. Hoping tomorrow is a bright green day.


  3. Why is it that sometimes we WANT to stay mad? I’m the same way! I sometimes find myself sulking around school or home, stomping, slamming doors, sighing heavy sighs. So counter-productive.


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