Spring is in the air

Slice of Life: Day 3

I love these almost spring days when the weather is trying to decide between winter and spring.  The sky lightens and brightens early.  The sun warms your face just enough to make you remember that summer warmth is near.  A deep breath in just smells of outdoor goodness and the crispness of the air fills your lungs.  The birds just seem to chirp a little cheerier.

Standing outside in the morning always brings me back to standing on the corner waiting for the bus in junior high.  You’re not quite dressed for the morning weather and look a little ridiculous with your warm breath piercing the coolness on your exhale but, darn it, it will warm up this afternoon and I will be ready!  Spring is coming and the chill of the morning won’t stop me! It just makes me smile knowing this cool March morning can bring back such happy memories.

3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. I, too, love the way the air feels as the seasons transition — marching from one to the next. You captured that tricky in-between time feeling that I, too, get when we move from winter to spring.


  2. I am so excited for spring. I feel like we got gypped this year embracing Winter in early October! I am loving the sound of the birds, extended morning, and the rise in temperatures too.


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