Bath Time

Slice of Life: Day 4

I love bath time with my daughter. She loves singing.  Loudly, softly, very fast and very slow.  Cups are stacked and unstacked.  Lined up and taken down.  Cups balanced on her toes and balanced on her head.  Completely unaware of me sometimes, lost in song and other times needing me to clap, sing or be her assistant.
“Momma sing.”
“Momma clap.”
“Momma, your turn.”
Goofy faces, serious faces, how close can I get to to the water faces.  She will stay in the bath forever, so as I drain the water she splishes and splashes and enjoys her nightly play time.
“Momma, I done.  Get me out.”
Bath time ends on my lap wrapped up tight.  But, no night is complete without me picking her up in my arms wrapped up in her burrito shell of a towel to bounce and laugh while looking in the mirror and singing, “I got my baby!”
To her reply, “No, you got Livi!”
Head to head, smiling ear to ear, she will always be my baby.

5 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. She will always be your baby – my`27 year old is still my baby. But oh how I remember those days of holding their still wet and sweet smelling bodies after a bath!


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