Dress Up Day

Slice of Life: Day 6

I knew the words dress up would cause a problem.  Maybe not in the days leading up to it, but definitely the day of.  We had chosen a button up blue shirt with white bugs on it and a navy blue zip-up sweater to go over it.  Fine.  No problem… yet.  Then the pants.  Luke owns jeans with “comfy” waists.  No buttons.  He’ll wear 1 pair of sweatpants and 2 athletic pants.  That’s it.  So, the one pair of “fancy” pants have a button waist.  Strike 1.  They have an adjustable elastic waist that can be adjusted on the inside.  Strike 2.  He hasn’t worn them in over a year.  Strike 3.  I talked these pants up like they were the greatest pair of pants ever to be owned.  He bought it.  He was sold! The outfit lay out for days just waiting to be worn.  The morning of, I knew I had to talk up this outfit!
“You’re gonna look so handsome!”
“I love what YOU chose.”
The shirt goes on with minimal effort…
The sweater goes on over… still no complaints…
Then.  The.  Pants.
“Ugh, I don’t like them.”
“They’re itchy.”
“They’re too tight.”
“I don’t like the pockets.”
“Buddy, it’s one day.  Everyone is going to be dressed up.  Your teacher wants all of you to look nice.”
“Ugh, I don’t want to wear these.”
And, there it is… quivering lip, tightly squeezed eyes, hopping up and down, whining and flip flopping around.
Ugh, we are late and I don’t have time for this today.
Stay calm.  Don’t lose your cool.
“Fine.  You can wear jeans, but everyone else is going to be dressed up.”
Like magic, his lips are normal, his eyes are open, he’s standing still.  All is fine.  He heard the magical word: jeans.  What do I really care anyways.  He’s 5 and going to see a play with other 5 and 6 year olds in a dark theater.
Jeans on.
Converse laced.
Hair gelled.
Looking cool and ready to go!
The pants tried to break us, but we prevailed because really we all just want to wear jeans anyways!

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