Spring at the Park

Slice of Life: Day 8

After everyone’s naptime we decided to venture to the park.  Spring coats on. Running shoes strapped. My daughter, of course, chose my son’s too big winter Spiderman hat to place on her head and pink dinosaur rain boots.  We were off!
The garage was barely opened before they charged out yelling, “Race!” They ran down the driveway as fast as they could.  Then unprompted my son grabbed my hand, which then meant my daughter had to too. And, then the three of us held hands skipping and giggling all the way to the park.
It was surprisingly quiet out and no kids to be seen.  We had the park to ourselves! Just the way my son likes it.
We first looked for sticks.
“Great for digging and sword fighting.”
Walked along the curb playing follow the leader.
“Don’t fall off into the lava.”
Spun in the spinney chair until our heads were dizzy.
“Too fast! Too fast!
Ran up and down the playground.  Down the twisty slide.  Back up the twisty slide.  Swinging like Superman. Digging in the dirt.  Silly faces.  Chases.  Giggles.
I couldn’t have asked for a better Spring outing to the park.  I have missed these days.

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