Stink Bugs

Slice of Life: Day 9

I never knew what a stink bug was until we moved into our house 3 years ago.  They look almost prehistoric with a grayish brown color and shell that looks almost like a shield.  They are the laziest bugs I think I have ever seen.  They will sit and wait for hours.  They will see you coming and, literally, not even lift one of their 6 spotted legs in an attempt to flee.  Now, they can fly and the sound of them flying is loud and noticeable.  It makes me jump off the couch every time.  I always wonder what warrants them taking flight because imminent death by Kleenex is not one of them.
There are some days one will be there to greet me and my annoyance with it will cause me to just leave it knowing I can come back to deal with it later.  My kids even know, see a stink bug, get a Kleenex.  Now they won’t touch it or crunch it, but they will drop the Kleenex on top of it.  Even then, a Kleenex marking it’s impending suffocation won’t even cause it to stir.
They are sneaky though picking spots to appear in that cause me to jump.  And, despite seeing them fly fast, I have never seen them walk fast, so I always wonder how they get to these places:
inside my shower not noticed, of course, until midway through,
on top of the toilet flusher caused my son to almost burst into hysterics,
inside the lamp shade,
the stove top,
my bed,
the kitchen counter,
today, on top of the kitchen sponge I was about to grab.
Always just sitting there, always just waiting for me to grab a Kleenex and crunch and flush.  Why won’t they just move?!  Have they learned nothing from the ones before them?!
Stink bugs, I loathe you.

2 thoughts on “Stink Bugs

  1. For us, right now, it is the river bugs. We inherited these with the new house too. I now know to stay clear of the river path until Aprilish. It gets old very quickly.


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