What’s in your cart?

Slice of Life: Day 13

Standing in line at the grocery store this afternoon had me perusing people’s carts to find out what their essentials were.  Now I usual make a run to the store after work on Thursdays because we are running low on fresh fruit, the milk is almost gone and just a few random things, which today included yogurt, iced coffee, Coke and ice cream.  Clearly the essentials!  No stocking up on toilet paper or paper towels or canned goods that others are rushing to the store to buy.  Just a few things to get me through the weekend and to the next week’s shopping trip.  Others have cases of water, toilet paper and paper towels in bulk, canned goods and frozen foods, and the lady in front of me has, I kid you not, about 12- 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke and 2 more cases of Diet Coke.  I guess everyone’s needs are different and someone is probably questioning the contents of my cart, but at least my kids will be happy they get ice cream tonight and I have coffee for the morning! And the lady in front of me has enough Diet Coke to keep her thirst quenched for an eternity!

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