I Finally Gave In

Slice of Life: Day 14

Well yesterday afternoon I finally joined the masses.  Our school district announced its closure and the students were sent home at the end of the day not to return for 3 weeks.  As I was driving home and passing grocery store after grocery store packed with people coming and going I thought, “Should I be there too?  Can I wait until Sunday when I do my regular shopping or will the shelves be bare?”

I stayed later at school to be organized upon our return and be ready to teach so my time to make a stop before picking up my kids was tight.  As I got closer to home, I just kept thinking,  “What if I am a bad mom for not preparing? “What if people really do start to panic and buy everything up?”

So I decided to be responsible and join the preppers.  If it were just me and my husband, I maybe would have waited until the weekend.  As I passed Trader Joe’s packed.  Walmart packed.  On to my trusty Target… not too packed.  I went inside where there was not a sense of panic just people roaming the aisles stocking up.  Milk cases close to empty.   Meat cases slim pickings.  Frozen vegetable and waffles gone.  Paper towels still had a few remain.  Bread and bagels gone.  Soup gone.  Beans, all but the really bizarre seasoned ones, gone.  Dried pastas gone.  It was a very eerie feeling, but I felt confident that the contents of my cart would suffice and keep us nourished for an extended time if need be.

As I made my way to the check out, it was not anymore crowded than a weekend shopping day.  I quickly made my way through the checkout, but what did give me peace of mind and a smile in all of this were the number of people leaving the store with their cases and cases of beer!  At least we can all be happy at home with a drink in hand!

4 thoughts on “I Finally Gave In

  1. That is the best! A little alcohol to enjoy with this found time we have is perfect! Here’s to finding the silver linings in this card life has delt all of us!


  2. We found a small old school Italian grocery today and bought ten pounds of pasta. I was shocked at how well-stocked they were in comparison to the regular stores. I worry how much of this is hype and what is real.


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