How is that comfy?

Slice of Life: Day 15

I always wonder how my son sleeps in certain positions.  He is very flexible and has been that way since he was a baby.  He sleeps like a folded up pretzel.  His legs crossed and then he flops over them.  Many times his feet are up by his ears! How he doesn’t lose circulation or wake up with numb limbs is beyond me.
I always check on my kids before I go to bed and almost nightly I have to uncross his leg because his sheets are propped up with his leg in a 90 degree angle atop his knee.  This is comfortable?! Again, how does the blood continue to circulate?!
Tonight was no different.  I walked in to find him flopped over on his bed his head toward the foot of his bed.  I went to pick him up and he woke up on his own.  He sat up half asleep and confused, “Hi, mom.”
“Hi, buddy.  Put your head on your pillow and go back to sleep.”
I brushed his hair with my hand, pulled the covers up to his neck, gave him “a guy” to cuddle with and kissed him.  It gives me peace of mind before I go to bed knowing my kids are snuggled safe in their beds with their mounds of stuffed animals to provide them comfort.  Seeing him nestle his head into his pillow and drift back to sleep makes me smile.  At least his body will momentarily regain full circulation until he twists and contorts into a new position that only he finds comfort in.

3 thoughts on “How is that comfy?

  1. When I adopted my boys, at age seven and nine, they used to climb into bed, a single bed, with each other, pretty much every night. It never looked very comfortable, but they were happy that way. Your sweet slice takes me right back to those days. Your use of dialogue is perfect, it makes me feel like I’m right there.


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