Family Room Tornado

Slice of Life: Day 20

Yesterday our family room looked like a tornado hit it at the end of the day, but there my kids sat in the middle quite happy and content.
Every morning starts with a fort and yesterday was no different.  My son pulled off all the couch cushions heave-hoing them in a pile and whipped all of the little pillows into a pile.  He stacked up the little ones to have a head and neck rest and then two big back pillows for his body.  He created a very cushy chaise lounger complete with fuzzy blanket and rolled up paper sword because… why not?!
Next, bringing the tent down to the family room from the playroom seemed like a good idea.  “I’ll bring it down in a minute,” I said from the kitchen, but the distracted multi-tasking mom didn’t move fast enough for an impatient willing to help 5 year old and the tent appeared out of the corner of my eye!  “You just brought that down by yourself?!  I told you to wait.”  Shoulder shrug, yup, probably the only reasonable response.  In the tent my daughter sat taking puzzles apart and putting them back together.  Peeking out every so often to check on her surroundings.
In the afternoon, taking out the brightly colored cardboard blocks in red, blue and yellow seemed like a good idea.  The King and Queen, and then Princess, needed royal chairs to sit upon, so construction began.  Blocks were stacked, thrown and strewn about.  The Royal Highnesses were appeased by the common folk’s efforts.
All day long my kids played, imagined and built.  I loved seeing their creativity at its best and the two of them getting along together.  As for the state of my family room, maybe my fairy godmother will clean it all up for me and Cinderella can take the night off… Maybe?

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