Let’s Race

Slice of Life: Day 22

Nothing made me laugh more than a seemingly normal “Let’s race!” request.
My son was cruising in the lead in his black and green mohawk spiked helmet and new blue and silver scooter.  Push, push, glide… Push, push, glide…  Swivel, swerve, coast.
“Hey,  baby, you wanna race?”
“Yea! Race!”
Luke stopped and waited for his little sister to catch up.  I had my husband help to steer the scooter as I walked the dog trying to stretch the kink out of my side and back from bending over and steering the scooter the last few blocks.  As they lined up, my son yelled, “Ready, set, go!!”
Luke took off.  Pushing his foot faster and faster.  Liv’s foot pushed as fast as she could go as my husband ran along side.  Then in one fell sweep my husband picked up Olivia, threw her over his shoulder, grabbed the scooter in the other and ran after my son! There bouncing along, Olivia giggled and squealed with her pink dinosaur boots flopping up and down and her pink and purple oversized helmet made her head bobble like a bobble head!  My husband sprinted quickly catching my unassuming son!
Instant giggles and laughter and fast pushes to speed the scooter up.
“We won! We won!”
“No, you cheated.”
Whether racing by the unspoken rules or not both kids laughed and giggled and enjoyed themselves, but maybe not as much as I enjoyed seeing it all unfold from behind.

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