Sitting in the dark

Slice of Life: Day 24

This morning I sit in the dark.  I have showered already.  I am dressed in pants that actually button today because I am tired already of athletic wear all day, everyday.  I straightened my hair even so I look somewhat put together on a video call with my students this afternoon and I plan on recording myself reading a few more chapters of our read aloud.
I like sitting in the dark, back under the warm cozy covers in my bed, all ready to take on the day.
The rest of my house sleeps.  The kids are cozied into their beds and won’t be up for a little while longer. My husband sleeps next to me and has thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in every morning.
But, I don’t like being jolted awake by my kids who are ready to take on the day, while I am still wiping sleep from my eyes.  Today there is no wondering when will I shower now or will I even have time to brush my teeth.  No needing to convince my kids to go back to sleep because Mommy just needs more sleep.  Nope, I am ready.  So here I wait.  Planning out my day, making my to do list, checking my emails and the news.  I like starting the day like this.
Quiet.  Peaceful.  Ready to go on my terms.

5 thoughts on “Sitting in the dark

  1. Quiet. Peaceful. I, too, like the early morning hours before the rest of the family awakens. You paint a vivid picture of the coziness of this time. Enjoy contact with your students today.


  2. You go girl! No real pants for me yet either! I’m with you on always questioning…what time today will I shower? I am wishing I could get my household on a real schedule that involves Mommy having alone time to get showered and dressed.


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