I Do Work.

Slice of Life: Day 29

Being home for the last two weeks my kids have picked up on what my husband and I do all day.  Meetings, computer work, telephone calls, video calls…
My daughter has recently announced within the last few days while I am on my computer that she needs to do work. She takes my computer and starts tapping on the keys.
” I do work.”
I have to close most of the tabs, but she still manages to get into my email, my taskbar moves, sticky keys pop up… I don’t even know what sticky keys are!
But she enjoys doing her work!
Today she announced, “I have a meeting.” She slid off the couch, grabbed her purse and rounded the corner.  She was gone for a little while and then returned.
“How was your meeting?”
“Good!”, she smiled!
I am glad that even with a stay at home order she can be so productive in finding ways to pass the time with her new occupation.

6 thoughts on “I Do Work.

  1. This is so cute! My 2 year old likes typing on my login page for the chromebook and says the same thing – “I’m doing work”. Only thing I have found messed up is she somehow turned the international keyboard on.


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