The Possibilities of Spring

Slice of Life: Day 1

There is something about that first day when the weather turns and it’s just warm enough to crack the windows and let the fresh chill air into the house.  The shining sun makes the cloudless blue sky look even bluer and the sun reflecting off the melting snow makes the day even brighter. 

Enough snow has melted to unwrap the Christmas lights from the branches making way for buds.  Swap out the red heart shaped wreath for the yellow spring branches.  Doors open, windows cracked letting the sunshine brighten up the house and the fresh air brings hope for spring and warmer days.  Goodbye dreary dark days keeping us inside, hello bright sunny days waiting to be enjoyed outdoors!

4 thoughts on “The Possibilities of Spring

  1. My biggest pet peeve is the amount of Christmas decorations still up right now!!! We have 2 neighbors with full decor still up!!! Glad you were able to get out there and take them down.


  2. I am eager for signs of spring and thankful to see some green poking through the snow in our front and back yards. I have opened the windows for a bit, and by next week, I hope to air the house if the weather permits. And by March 14, more hours of daylight. Your post made me feel warm and happy!


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