Friends Reunited

Slice of Life Day 2

Two friends separated by winter’s cold and mounds of snow finally reunited!  Squeals of glee with anticipation of what to do first! Scooters? Running circles? Looking at rocks? Coloring with chalk?

“Chalk! Chalk! Chalk!” chanted the girls.

Winter coats, boots, and mittens will not stop them.  First the end of the neighbor’s driveway. 

“That’s too far.  Come draw in our driveway.” 

They both spring up and awkwardly clunk toward the house in their boots bucket of chalk in tow.  Sprawled on a blanket atop a still frozen driveway free from snow they color.  Talking about nothing and everything, sharing the silence, and just enjoying being together again!  I pull out the pop up chair that has been collecting dust and pushed further to the back with ever needed snow shovels, blowers, and sleds.  I make my way back to the girls, pop open my chair, and nestle in.  Ah, I look forward to the many spring and summer days I will spend sitting in the driveway watching the kids play just enjoying the day. Oh how I have missed this!

2 thoughts on “Friends Reunited

  1. Oh, I love this! I can picture the kids all running around playing and laughing! I enjoyed those younger years with mine, miss them sometimes. Sort of grateful though, that I don’t have to sit outside in the driveway – it’s still pretty chilly out there. Stay warm!


  2. I thought the beginning part was about you and your friend….the chalk, scooters, and running circles, that is not what you and your friends do? I love that we can start getting outside again. It means the end is near!!


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