That Kind of Morning

Slice of Life Day 3

I am the first to wake up in our house.  I love getting up knowing everyone else is sleeping and everything is quiet.  I usually have 30 minutes by the time I finish getting ready to when I need to get the kids up.  Today I didn’t even make it downstairs before the little one started yelling for me! Maybe she needs to go to the bathroom or just needs to be covered up.  I walk in and she’s standing on her head with her butt in the air. Never a good sign.  

“I wanna wake up.”

“No baby, it’s not wake up time. Let me cover you up.”

“No! I. Wanna. Wake. Up!”

Still standing on her head with her butt in the air. Don’t engage.  

“Ok. Let’s cover you up and get all cozy.  I love you. See you when you wake up.”

I quickly run for the door. Momentary silence… she’s thinking how to play this. Screeeeaaaammm! Yup, not this morning! I gently close the door as to not wake the big kid and head for the stairs.  As if her banshee cries won’t wake him.

Trying to go through my morning routine listening to the far off cries are nothing short of irritating! I can already feel the headache setting in. Just as I drown out the noise, I hear THAT sound. The belch followed by a wretching, churning noise! As I left the screaming child upstairs, I stepped over the dog laying at the top of the stairs. If the belch is any indication of what is to follow I envision a waterfall of bile and whatever else she is trying to get up cascading down my carpeted stairs.

“No, No, No!” I scream and run!

There she is standing at the top of stairs, head hanging in shame looking at what just came up!

Ugh! Another sock that used to belong to my son and something else that as my husband put it, something out of a scene from Alien vs. Predator! I don’t even want to know what that used to be and which child is to blame for leaving it strewn about the house!

“Get downstairs!”

Ugh! Screaming child, yellow bile coating my top three stairs, and a husband still sleeping! Why does my husband always sleep through these moments?!

“Well, we all might as well wake up now!” I yell to anyone and everyone who may hear me!

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