Renovation Progress

Slice of Life Day 5

We started a renovation of our house yesterday and it so exciting to see the progress and things getting done.  It started with the big box truck yesterday pulling up and unloading all of the lumber to frame our basement.  I would forget they were even here until I was jolted by the slamming and falling of wood on the basement floor.  Inconvenience is a small price to pay for this long awaited renovation.  Taped paper on the floor and plastic covering the carpet to make way for work boots, dust, and construction materials.  Today a panel of the wall cut out, molding removed, and a partial hole in the wall!  I am giddy with the possibilities of what the room will look like when the hole lets light in from the other side.  The basement already framed all around, makeshift workbench remains, tools, and sawdust lay scattered.  I can’t wait to see the progress that is made today! 

One thought on “Renovation Progress

  1. We did substantial renovations on our home recently. There’s a slippery slope effect to home renovations. It’s like rabbits reproducing: One project begets another one, snd do on. I hope things go smoothly for you, but get ready for delays.


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