A Needed Laugh

Slice of Life Day 7

Sometimes you just need to have a good laugh! When two friends of mine get together to share stories from home at the start or end of our the day laughter usually ensues. It usually results in laughing until my sides hurt, crying because I am laughing so hard, snorting because it is just so funny, and doubling over because my stomach hurts from the constant laughing. It is the exaggerated hand motions, making fun of the other, being an instigator (You know who you are!), egging each other on, and playing off one another. It is the stories of kid poop, dog poop, clueless husbands, in laws, children, what ifs, and what would you do! I cherish these moments and am so thankful for friends that can provide this much needed escape and relief from the school day!

3 thoughts on “A Needed Laugh

  1. A good laugh is one of the greatest things. The ones where you can’t stop snorting and your eyes start to water. The best!


  2. I just had one of these nights last night. We went out with friends we haven’t seen in a year, and brought up some memories I had forgot existed. Nothing but laugh after laugh. It felt so good. Glad you were able to have a good laugh as well.


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