Wear Your Boots

Slice of Life Day 8

With Spring weather approaching the last of the snow is starting to finally melt and with warmer temperatures expected this week I think it is safe to retire the snow gear! I was so excited to unpack both kids’ snow bags, throw the pants, scarves, hats, and abundance of gloves and mittens into the wash to then be folded and put away for next year. No more drying out snow pants and gloves every night. No more having winter wear draped over my tables and chairs. No more packing their snow bags every single night! Good ridance snow, hello Spring!

No sooner did the snow gear hit the washing machine that I was back upstairs cleaning mud off a pair of my son’s shoes. I specifically bought him a new pair of rain boots last week for this very reason. Melting snow means mud puddles and soggy wet muddy grass!

“Luke, please, wear your boots when you go out and not your shoes! I don’t want to keep cleaning your shoes!”

“But, I can’t play soccer in boots.”

Ugh. Probably a valid point.

“Well, come in and put boots on before you go in the backyard or woods to play.”

“Ok. I will.”

An hour or so later…

“I am headed out to play.”

“Ok. Wear your boots.”

“No. We are just going to play in the front.”

2 pairs of shoes were wore by my son today and they were cleaned 3 times today! The boots were never worn thus never needing to be cleaned.

My daughter had her boots cleaned once! Score one for mom and the new rainbow boots!

“Brother, isn’t wearing his boots, so I want to wear my shoes.”

…and then, once for her shoes!

Curse this mud!

So much for being prepared for Spring and buying new boots for everyone!

How much longer ’til the mud is now gone?!

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