I Want Coffee

Slice of Life Day 11

I want a cup a coffee.  Correction I need a cup of coffee.  It’s 3:00 and I have hit my wall.  I can’t wait to leave and head straight to Starbucks! I used to wait until I got off the highway and almost home before I stopped, but the endlessly long lines caused me to keep on driving more times than stopping and nothing is worse than anticipating coffee and then being totally let down! A cup of coffee made at home is just not the same when I am wanting Starbucks. I now go a different way home so that within 8 minutes of leaving work I can have my long awaited hot steaming latte!  There have ever only been 3 cars tops waiting when I pull up.  I always get a slight rush of excitement when I pull up and there is no one in the line.  It is like I have hit the jackpot! I can get to that coffee so much faster and it almost makes it taste so much sweeter!  There is something about taking in the wafting aroma of my latte, feeling the warmth in my hands, and taking that first sip!  The velvety creaminess, the notes of vanilla or caramel, the bitter espresso blending together perfectly.  There is nothing better come the end of a long work day than the perfectly made latte to recharge me for the evening rush.  What makes it even better is that I can enjoy it for the entire drive home and not rush the joy that it brings me.  

3 thoughts on “I Want Coffee

  1. I hear ya on the hitting the wall after school situation. Sometimes that afternoon coffee keeps me up all night, but without it, I can function to mom like I need to all evening. What a double edged sword! Thanks for reminding me I want coffee on the way home today.. caffeine fiends like us have to stick together!


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